AFY-IAA Newsletter archives- Part- 6

In this section you will find the archives of the topics covered in the back issues of our monthly Newsletter-

VOL. XXI      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2021

Newsletter No.1 - 'Effect of Raga Therapy on Human Body' 

Newsletter No.2 - 'Essential Oils - A Vital Aid In Ayurvedic Pharmacology'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Make your Immune system Healthy' 

Newsletter No.5 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicose veins'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurvedic Blood Purifier- Manjistha'  

Newsletter No.7 - 'Varsha Ritucharya -Diet and Lifestyle for rainy season' 

Newsletter No.8 - 'How Music Therapy Can Help You Heal' 

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