Steps For Obtaining Personal Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic diagnosis, is not merely knowing about the symptoms of the disease, but it includes - to find out the root cause of the disease. It includes finding out the imbalance of doshas, blockage of channels, improper functioning of the Dhatus, improper functioning of various cleaning or excretory system(mala), determining the strength of one's digestive fire and immune system.
Your Ayurvedic constitution is also determined which helps to choose a proper medicine/treatment according to the person's constitution.

We provide Online Personal Ayurvedic Consultation to people who have a particular problem, and are seeking Ayurvedic treatment for their illness.

>All the consultation will be done through e-mail .

Firstly we will reviews the patient's health history form. If the information is understood, necessary health suggestions are made; if any questions still exist, you are contacted for clarification.

This Personal Ayurvedic Consultation will consist of

* Prakriti of the patient.

* Diagnosis of the disease.

* Prescribing Diets, lifestyles, and home remedies.

* Suggesting medicines.

Two Easy Steps for this Online Personal Ayurvedic Consultation

1] Make necessary Payment.

personal ayurvedic Consultation If you are International Client you will have to pay $25 only.

Make payment through Paypal. Click on the button below -

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ayurvedic ConsultationIndian Residents can make payment in Indian Rupee by clicking -

Or you can pay Rs.400/- only using Other Payment Mode Options available HERE.

2] Submit these two forms-
(By clicking on the links below)

A]Your Constitution (Prakriti) determination Form


B] Health History Form


Many Natural Health Methods are NOT ACCEPTED by the American Medical Association nor the Food and Drug Administration. Some Natural Healing Methods are considered controversial, radical, unorthodox, and even illegal. US law demands this statement:

What is it Worth to You?
There ARE safe alternatives to surgical, radiation and chemical methods of treatment! Natural Therapies and other practices like AYURVEDA --have been researched, taught, and used for centuries to relieve stress and pain, to Feel Better, and to Live Longer