Swarna Makshik Bhasma - Properties, Benefits and Precautions

by Mr. Yogendra Lochib

Swarna makshik bhasma Swarna makshik Bhasma: This is a classical Ayurvedic medicine of the rasashastra. Most of the minerals, metals and metalloids are manufactured after refining and killing them. These medicines have been used since ancient times.
Ayurvedic bhasma can be called nano medicine because it is ayurvedic medicines of nano structure. The effect of these ashes on the disease is more and more intense than other wood medicines. Research is being done on nano medicine in western countries, whereas these medicines have been used here since ancient times.
Swarna makshik Bhasma is specially used in Pittakaphaj disorders, diabetes, obesity, blood disorders, anemia and bloody piles. It is a mild incense medicine, so children, elderly and women are also used without any hesitation.

Ayurvedic Medicinal properties of Swarna makshik Bhasma:

It is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda, especially in diseases caused by pitta and kapha. It is sweet, pungent and astringent in Vipak. It is considered to be a medicine of chemical, force, yogavahi, potency, destroyer of bile and cold nature. Its medicinal properties prove to be beneficial in anemia, jaundice, diabetes, hemorrhoids and insomnia.

Benefits of Swarna makshik Bhasma:

Being a mild kalpa of iron, it is very beneficial for children, women, weak and elderly people. Here we have told about the health benefits of this bhasma. Even though it is a harmless ayurvedic medicine, but without consultation and inappropriate quantity can be harmful to health. Therefore, use it only after consulting a doctor.
  • Benefits of Swarna Makshik Bhasma in Headache - Pittaja headache or Kaphaja headache i.e. headache in which vomiting, nausea, taste of mouth has become bitter and there is no interest in food, then the consumption of Swarnamakshik Bhasma is beneficial. Also, if the headache is very old, Ayurvedic doctors also use it. It proves to be extremely beneficial in chronic headache.
  • Benefits in Acidic Disease - The problem of acidity occurs due to the enlargement of the stomach inside the stomach or due to the distorted skin inside and wounds in the stomach. In such a problem, except for the stomach wound, the use of this medicine is beneficial in all types of acidity. It is very beneficial in acidity disorder.
  • Benefits in nose bleeding and dizziness - If there is bleeding from the nose or dizziness due to a blood disorder. This medicine is very beneficial in all these. Swarna Makshik contains traces of iron which purify the blood and get rid of these problems.
  • Benefit in chronic fever - In chronic fever, there is weakness in the patient's body. If he feels incapacity in walking, getting up and doing other tasks, then taking Swarna Makshik Bhasma 2 Rati (250mg) along with Praval Bhasma 2 Rati (250mg) and Sitopaladi Churna ends weakness due to fever and provides health benefits.
  • Beneficial in Heart Disease - If there is nervousness in the heart, there is restlessness, there is excessive sweating as well as there is trembling in the whole body, in such a condition, using Swarna Makshik Bhasma is very beneficial. This Bhasma strengthens the heart and removes the restlessness of the heart.
  • Beneficial in anemia and jaundice - It is beneficial in anemia disease and jaundice disease. Anemia: Mixing Swarna Makshik Bhasma 250 mg with Mandur Bhasma 125 mg and taking it with honey ends the deficiency of blood in the body. begins to fall Along with this, it is also consumed in jaundice disease. It is used with radish juice.

  • Beneficial in bleeding piles - If blood also comes in piles, then taking 250 mg powder of Nagkeshar, tejpata and small cardamom mixed with 250 mg of Swarnamakshik Bhasma gives great benefit in bleeding piles.

Swarna makshik Bhasma Dosage and Precautions:

It can be consumed from 125 mg to 250 mg with different proportions according to the diseases. In the form of Anupana (with whom to take) honey, ghee, giloy essence, butter or sugar candy are used according to the disease.
Although this Bhasma is mild and harmless, but Swarnamakshik should be consumed only after consulting an expert doctor. Because according to your disease and disease condition, its use along with other medicinal formulations is directed by the doctor.

Mr. Yogendra Singh is Qualified Ayurveda Pharmacist . He is Graduated from Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ayurved University, Jodhpur (India).Visit his website at - https://swadeshiupchar.in