Ayurvedic Remedies For Premature Greying Of Hair

Grey hairGrey hair is normally associated with old age, though it can also be seen in young people. What was earlier a problem in the 40s, is now dawning in the early 20s. Premature greying of hair is a big problem in modern life. The stress, strain, pollution, dirt, and dust take a big toll on the crown!

Greying of hair is a normal component of the ageing process. This is a universal and widespread phenomenon that occurs when melanocytes around the hair follicle reduce the amount of melanin it produces. Hair is mainly made from a protein called keratin, and as the hair grows the melanocytes around the hair follicle inject melanin into the cortex of the hair shaft, which results in its dark color. Keratin without melanin is a yellowish-grey color, so when the melanocytes slow down, the hair begins to lose its color.

Causes of premature greying of hair-

  • Natural Causes
    Natural chemical changes in the body
  • Extrinsic Causes
    Chemical hair colors containing ammonia (an industrial bleaching agent that severely harms the hair in the long run)

Ayurveda describes many natural remedies to supplement the body's deficiencies and strengthen the hair and also to reverse the premature graying of hair.

  • 1. Black Tea Remedy
    Black tea works best with prematurely grey hair, and is simple to make—you only need two ingredients. You can leave the tea in for up to two hours, or you can leave it in for less time and apply it more frequently. The number of times you use this black tea rinse will have a cumulative effect—the more you do it, the greater the effect.
    Two tablespoons black tea leaves + Water
    Boil the tea leaves in water. Allow the tea to cool down to room temperature.Strain out the tea leaves, then apply the tea to your hair. If you have long hair, one of the easiest ways to apply the tea is to pour it into a small spray bottle. Spray the tea into your hair and brush to make sure that the tea is spread evenly. After roughly 1 hour, rinse the tea out with cold water. Do not shampoo.
  • 2. Sage Water Treatment
    The herb sage ( Hindi- Tej patta, Marathi-Sabja) is one of the most effective remedies for grey hair. It both stops the growth of grey hair and restores natural hair color.
    Sage leaves (preferably black sage) + Water
    Boil the sage leaves in water.Remove from heat and allow the sage water to cool down. Spray the room-temperature liquid all over the hair. Allow it to sit for 2 hours. Wash with mild shampoo or soap.
  • 3. Coconut Oil and Lemon Remedy
    This effective recipe uses ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. It should be used at least twice a week to slow the greying process and make the hair black, soft, and shiny.
    Coconut oil (enough to thoroughly coat your hair) + Three tablespoons fresh lemon juice
    Combine the coconut oil and fresh lemon juice. Gently massage it into your scalp, then comb it through the entire length of your hair.Leave it for 1 hour. Wash it out with mild shampoo or soap.
  • 4. Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves Remedy
    This is the perfect remedy for young people with prematurely grey hair as the curry leaves contain rich amounts of vitamin B.
    Coconut oil + Curry leaves
    Boil 1 cup of coconut oil with a handful of curry leaves for six to eight minutes. Strain out the leaves, then allow the coconut oil to cool down and massage the curry coconut oil into your scalp and allow it to sit for up to 1 hour before washing it out with soap.
  • 5. Ridge Gourd Remedy
    This remedy effectively restores the melanin pigmentation in hair.
    Dried ribbed gourd(Ridge Gourd, Hindi-Turai)+ Coconut oil
    Soak the dry pieces of Ridge Gourd in coconut oil for 3 days. Boil the mixture until a black residue is formed. Massage it into your hair and leave it in for 1 hour. Rinse it out.

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