AFY-IAA Newsletter archives- Part -5

In this section you will find the archives of the topics covered in the back issues of our monthly Newsletter-

VOL. XVI      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2016

Newsletter No.1 - 'Using Ayurveda to Help Regulate a Healthy Menstrual Cycle' 

Newsletter No.2 - 'Ayurveda skin care tips for beautiful glowing skin'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'Scientific Tools for Music Therapy Research'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Ayurveda for Epistaxis/Nosebleeds' 

Newsletter No.5 - 'Heavy metals in Ayurvedic herbs & formulations'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurvedic Eye Care'  

Newsletter No.7 - 'Ayurveda & Hormone Replacement Therapy' 

Newsletter No.8 - 'Ayurvedic tongue Diagnosis'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Laxative-induced constipation - a new health concern'  

Newsletter No.10 - 'Link between Diabetes and Thyroid Disorders' 

Newsletter No.11 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment Of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding'  

Newsletter No.12 - 'Skin Care in Winter- Ayurvedic Tips'  

VOL. XVII      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2017

Newsletter No.1 - 'Teeth and Gum care in Ayurveda'  

Newsletter No.2 - 'Natural Ways For Building Strong Immune System'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'Some Effective Panaceas For Diabetes You Must Know'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Herbal remedies for natural treatment of constipation' 

Newsletter No.5 - 'Ayurvedic Practices That Benefit Your Body and Hair'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment for Filariasis'  

Newsletter No.7 - 'How Sleep Affects Mental Health'  

Newsletter No.8 - 'Pre menstrual Mood Swings'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Ayurvedic Line of treatment for Psoriasis'  

Newsletter No.10 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment of Dengue Fever'  

Newsletter No.11 - 'Pain Management Through Ayurveda'  

Newsletter No.12 - 'Relation between Sleep Quality and Stress'  

VOL. XVIII      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2018

Newsletter No.1 - '7 Powerful Yoga Symbols That will Change Your Life'  

Newsletter No.2 - 'Sinusitis (Dushta Pinas): Ayurvedic Cure'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'Amazing Yoga Benefits To Keep You In Good Health'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Food Items Selection as per Your Dosha'  

Newsletter No.5 - 'Ayurvedic Causes of Diabetes'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles/Hemorrhoids'  

Newsletter No.7 - 'Green Healing: Amazing health benefits of being in nature'  

Newsletter No.8 - 'Ayurveda for Asthma'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Amazing Ways to Stay Motivated to Chase Your Fitness Goals'  

Newsletter No.10 - '7 Ayurvedic Secrets for Weight Loss'  

Newsletter No.11 - 'Improving Your Concentration with Ayurveda'  

Newsletter No.12 - 'Doshic Biorhythms'  


VOL. XIX      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2019

Newsletter No.1 - 'Ayurveda And Yoga Lifestyle Tips'  

Newsletter No.2 - 'Arthritis and Diet - Get Rid of Inflamed Joints'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Yoga for Health and Fitness'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Effective Ways for Elderly to Improve Memory'  

Newsletter No.5 - 'Grishma Ritucharya'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'International Yoga Day'  

Newsletter No.7 - 'Ayurvedic practices for child Health'  

Newsletter No.8 - '5 ways to live longer and better with diabetes'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Ayurvedic Remedy for Throat Infection'  

Newsletter No.10 - 'Best Healthy Diet For Glowing Skin'  

Newsletter No.11 - 'Mental health benefits of Red wine'  

Newsletter No.12 - 'The Treatment of Marmas'  

VOL. XX      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2020

Newsletter No.1 - 'Beat the Winters with these Food Items'  

Newsletter No.2 - 'Ayurvedic approach to Thalassemia'  

Newsletter No.3 - 'Ayurvedic Remedies for Kidney Stone'  

Newsletter No.4 - 'Ayurveda & COVID-19 Pandemic'  

Newsletter No.5 - 'CORONA OUTBURST – An Ayurvedic Perspective'  

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurveda And Coronavirus- How to Be Benefited?'  


Newsletter No.8 - 'How Music is Relevant in these Viral Days?'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Best Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat'  

Newsletter No.10 - 'Covid 19 and Ayurveda Moadalities'  

Newsletter No.11 - 'ADHD Natural Treatment'  

Newsletter No.12 - 'NATUROPATHIC CARE – Healing Naturaly'  

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