Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Retirement

By- Amelia Johnson

Healthy retirementRetirement can be a beautiful time. You finally get a chance to relax, enjoy things you always wanted, and take on new adventures in life. However, to make this period enjoyable, it’s important to take good care of yourself.
No one can fully enjoy their life if they’re not physically and mentally healthy; especially during old age. Many seniors have no choice but to move to one of the continuing care facilities for elderly due to prevailing illnesses.

So, how can you lead a healthy, fulfilling, and vibrant lifestyle that you always envisioned during the last phase of your life? In this post, we look at some practical tips to help you lead a healthy retirement.

Exercise for Fun and Fitness -
After retirement, since you don’t have family responsibilities or a career; it’s easy to become lazy and inactive. But, a sedentary lifestyle is only an invitation for problems like heart issues, diabetes, obesity, and deteriorating bone health.
A great way to stay active after retirement is to pick an activity you enjoy. Perhaps you like dancing, swimming, or maybe you like water aerobics. Many seniors are getting into yoga and meditation as well.
The important thing is to find something enjoyable that you can do every day. This way, fitness won’t feel like a chore but more like a hobby. But, do talk with your doctor first before partaking in any workout routine.

Learn Something New -
Now is the time to embark on a creative project of your choice. Think about what you always wanted to learn but never had the time. Perhaps you could learn a new language or take that course at the local community college. You could learn to cook, play piano, or some other instrument.
Staying metnally active and sharp slows down cognitive decline. It’s the perfect way to keep memory issues like Dementia at bay. For seniors with memory issues, finding the right memory care center can make a difference in the quality of life even with serious conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Stay Socially Active -
Loneliness and isolation are connected with depression. But, your retirement doesn’t have to be like that; especially if you browse through senior living communities for couples. You will always have the companionship of your partner. But, other than that, be sure to hang out with people your own age who share similar interests.
You can meet new people at a dance class, yoga class, or charity work. Invite them for coffee or over to your house to watch your favorite movies. Invest time in building friendships with close friends and family members Senior living communities offer plenty of opportunities for active socialization.

Find a Purpose -
During old age, it's easy to lose that sense of purpose since you don’t have a job or a family to look after. For many people, their career is a huge part of their identity. So, when you don’t have one - it’s easy to experience an identity crisis. This could affect your mental health negatively.
One way to stay purposeful in life is to volunteer yourself at a charity organization or a hospital. You could offer to care for your grandkids. Find a way to involve yourself in the community. If possible, try to look for a part-time job; something you could enjoy.
Many people find that having a pet around gives them the same sense of purpose they had when they were raising a family.

Get Out of The House -
People who lead an active lifestyle are naturally happier and healthier with fewer health issues. They also tend to live longer. So, it’s good to find a reason to get out of the house and explore the world.
Go outside and connect with nature. Travel to your favorite destinations. Finish your bucket list. Go hiking in the mountains. Find a travel group for seniors or reconnect with your college/high-school friends.
Take on creative hobbies like painting, knitting, gardening, or reading. Join a book club that meets every week.

Eat & Drink Right -
Regardless of your age, it’s crucial to watch what you eat. Nutrition is linked with better mental and physical health. So eat a balanced diet rich in healthy fats, protein, and carbs. Take your vitamins regularly.
Cut back on processed, fatty, and packaged foods. Consume less salt to manage blood pressure. Eat more greens, fruits, and vegetables. Eat fiber-rich food and ensure hydration at all times. Most senior medical emergencies happen due to a lack of hydration.

Develop a Routine -
It’s good to have extra freedom and the flexibility to do things at your convenience. However, sometimes too much freedom and a lack of structure can become stressful. The healthiest people on earth tend to lead a structured life with a routine.
In the absence of routine, you may become lazy and inactive. And, while it doesn't mean that you have to follow a strictly disciplined routine, it's good to have some things to look forward to. Plan your week to have something to look forward to.
You could save time for dance classes, coffee with neighbors, or some quality time with your grandchildren. You could volunteer to pick them from school every Wednesday, for example.

Get Those Zzzzs -
Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Always keep your bedroom clean, quiet, comfortable, and dark. Avoid using phones right before bed. Stop drinking caffeine after 4 pm. Practice a meditation ritual before going to bed so that you go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

Pamper Yourself -Find time for small pleasures in life. It could be going to the movies, checking out your favorite restaurant, or a visit to the spa. Get some ‘me time’ to enjoy the perks of life.

Consider Doing Volunteer/Charity Work -
It’s the perfect way to give back to the community. In doing so, you also get to enjoy social interaction, emotional wellness, physical activity, and a sense of reward. You could always find charities, organizations, animal shelters, hospitals, schools, and libraries in need of extra help.

In Conclusion -
Retirement doesn’t have to be a painful or boring period filled with health issues. You don’t have to wait for death slowly. With the right preparation, you could enjoy this period to the fullest.