CORONA OUTBURST – An Ayurvedic Perspective - Part 2

By- Prof. Dr. Mandar Bedekar

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Suggesting Use of Specific Medicines for Specific Conditions

coronavirus outburstAyurveda, as ancient Indian Science of Life has a glorious history of thousands of years. Once upon a time in the then Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda was successfully practiced to maintain health, to prevent diseases and also to treat diseases. Even challenging health concerns like Obesity, Diabetes, Skin Diseases etc. were dealt with using solely Ayurvedic concepts. Obviously, Ayurveda is NO DOUBT, a potent science, for suggesting Specific Medicines for reducing / controlling / eradicating some Specific Conditions.

As far as, Fever & / Respiratory problems are concerned, Ayurveda has a treasure of wisdom to treat such conditions. In the past, Respiratory conditions like Asthma / Bronchitis / Pneumonia or even Tuberculosis could be cured using exclusively Ayurvedic treatments. Therefore, in view of the current CORONA OUTBURST, given clearance to treat, Learned Ayurvedic experts can certainly and confidently treat various signals, which are said to be due to the CORONA Virus infections. The following table gives just a brief outline of how Ayurveda can help treat various conditions during the current PANDEMIC

No. Condition Recommended Ayurvedic Medicine(s) Recommended Ayurvedic Procedure(s)
1 Sore Throat Yashtimadhu Gargling with Turmeric Water
2 Dry Cough Sitopaladi Churna --
3 Nasal Congestion -- Nasya + Svedana
4 Runny Nose Talisadi Churna --
5 Fever Mahasudarshan Churna / Samshamani Vati --
6 Aches & Pains Dashamoola Snehana + Svedana
7 Tiredness (in the absence of Aama) Ashvagandha,Yashtimadhu Snehana + Svedana
8 Headache Pippalyadi Ghruta Nasya & Lepa /Shiropichu
9 Severe Chills Tribhuvan kirti --
10 Diarrhoea Shunthi, Jeerak --

*** It should be noted here that, the above table is just for information. Ayurvedic Physicians can suggest many more medicines & / procedures to deal with different signs& symptoms. Ayurveda prefers ‘Individualistic Medicine’ ( Purusham Purusham Veekshya) and therefore, the above table is in no way, comprehensive & / directive

Undertaking scientifically designed Research to find medicine(s)

Scientific Research about any medical issue involves a lot of brainstorming and needs to be supported by resourceful institutions. Thanks to the Indian Government, for being receptive towards Ayurveda and inviting Research Proposals / Treatment Protocols in this context. Considering the tremendous potential the Science of Ayurveda has and anticipating the genius of some of the Ayurvedic experts, let’s hope, a well planned Research Project about ‘Combating CORONA with Ayurveda’ will be initiated very soon. It is out of the purview of this article to indicate / comment about any such research.

It is equally important to know that, Ayurvedic fraternity, if respectfully involved, may help the entire world affected by the CORONA OUTBURST. Some aspects of Ayurveda include Fresh Diet, Life-Style, Status of Agni (Digestive Fire), Rutu (Season), herbs / minerals …etc. The CORONA PANDEMIC could be analyzed in Ayurvedic Perspective as a ‘Jana pada Udhvamsa’. The spread of disease could be explained on the basis of ‘Sankraamaka Roga’, which is said to be spreading by Physical contact, Respiration, Eating / Sleeping in intimacy and also by use of same cloths or other utensils. A lot has already been discussed about these.

Increasing Digestive Fire ( Agni-Deepana) is an essential step in treating diseases because, Ayurveda believes, most of the diseases are consequent to diminished Digestive Fire.
It is noteworthy that, the number of deaths are more in countries like USA, Italy & Spain, respectively well known for consumption of White Flour and Meat !!! (both being ‘Guru’ means heavy to digest)
There’s an utmost need to spread the awareness world-wide about importance of Agni-Deepana (inflating Digestive Fire). For achieving Agni-Deepana, many options are available. Asafetida, Boiled water, Cumin, Dried Ginger, Fenugreek seeds, Ghee are just a few examples.

Season / Seasonal Changes also need to be taken into account. It is noteworthy, that deaths are more in Europe and Europe was in transient phase form Winter to Spring. Presently, the Spring season is on (in Europe) and Ayurvedic experts know it very well, that the Spring Season is known to cause ‘Kapha Prakopa’. Having Upper Respiratory manifestations in Spring season is not surprising for Ayurvedic experts. Easily available medicines like Black pepper, Long pepper (Pippli), Cinnamon, Cardamom, Turmeric, and Garlic etc. should be used to deal with the respiratory conditions.

For severely ill patients, different Kashaya(s) { Decoctions} & OR different Herbomineral Combinations could be effectively used. Shvaasakuthaara , Mahalaxmivilas, Jvaraankush, Aanandabhairava ….are just a few examples.

Lastly, YOGA practices , like Pranayama, Sinhamudra, Jaalandhar Bandha, Neti etc. (if properly done) could be certainly supportive to Ayurvedic Treatments.

Disclaimer – This article intends to discuss various aspects about the CORONA OUTBURST and it’s consequences. However, there is NO intention to challenge / criticize painstaking efforts being undertaken by various Health professionals, Some of the Policy Makers and Experts from different fields. This article is not intended to make any false claim about Ayurvedic Treatment neither does it intend to challenge any scientific attempt that may be on, to help fight the disease.

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