How Music is Relevant in these Viral Days? Part-1

by - Dr. T V Sairam

THE SAME NATURE which has thrown open the deadly infectious diseases like Corona has also thrown open a treasure house of rhythms and melodies in and around us, but we seem to be mostly unaware of them due to our preoccupation with the modern-day money-making indulgence!

Our body and mind are blessed with healthy resonance and rhythms, without which we would have long been dead and gone, the disharmony in them is the major cause foe all our ailments – both physiological and psychological. Being consciously aware of this harmony should go a long way in enjoying good health. Musicians are aware - though unconsciously – of the bodily rhythms when they sign or when they evolve a beat-pattern. Music thus connects us to our own rhythms and also with the world around, which follow the same patters. The body recognizes and responds to the pulses of the music in no time.

The influence of sound in making patterns- intricate geometric figures and shapes- was the subject of study, cyma tics, by Hans Jenny, a Swiss engineer. It was observed by him that by changing pitch, the harmonics of the tone and the material that is vibrating, infinite forms and shapes could be derived, which confirms the role of sound waves on cells, tissues and organs as well.

Based on such findings, a therapy system has been developed in recent years to medically address certain conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, back-pain, post-operative healing, sport injuries, bone fracture and muscular injuries. Besides pain reduction, these attempts are reports to help in improving one’s mobility.

Communication of feeling through musical expression is a technique which dates back to the days of appearance of man on the planet. Lullabies sung by the mother, drums used by the tribesmen, songs sung by the tribesmen, songs sung by the boatman or the laborers, flute of a lover-are all laced with various nuances of feelings: despair, ecstasy, love, pain, passion, romance, wonder and what not. Music assumes its significance, especially where the verbal expression is inadequate to convey feelings.

Music has tremendous potential as a powerful tool to open up new possibilities for those who have suppresses emotions that cause great harm to the human personalities leading to severe behavioral problems. As emotions represents the ‘outgoing’ feelings, when music is combined, there is every chance of its outward moment, thus clearing the congestion and inhibition that block one’s emotional well-being, Music ranges from the subtle varieties to violent ones. It is also established beyond doubt that music imparts certain healthy mental and emotional patterns to its listeners, which stems from its own organization and pattern.

Such a pattern is akin to what we find in Nature. Through entertainment of synchronization, music could lend a smooth, yet powerful vent for expression to the inexpressible, thereby relieving the individual from the harsh realities and dilemmas that he encounters in his life.

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