Care from Ayurveda's perspective in Coronavirus Disease

By- Vaidya Mahesh Sabade

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As we all are aware Corona Virus 19 has created a major havoc in the world spanning many countries and challenging the humankind. As you may be aware, in an event of any infection, Ayurveda primarily focuses on the human body (or the host) more than any virus / bacteria.

coronavirus diseaseOn the same lines, we can look at the present scenario of COVID19. In this infection, we cannot ignore the status of the host’s immunity. If the immunity is of excellent quality, there’s a good chance that we can prevent the infection. Moreover, therapeutically, a healthy lifestyle can certainly support in infected state as well.

COVID19 pandemic - Ayurvedic Perspective

Pandemics/ epidemics are considered as Janapadodhwansa in Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is a way of life that can be incorporated in many ways such as - diet, lifestyle, herbs and moral as well as social tenets. This way we can effectively handle such disasters.

To prevent the infection as well as for those who are already infected with COVID19, following regimen can be of great help.

Heavy, cold, excessively oily / greasy, large quantities of meals and stress needs to be avoided. These are the factors according to Ayurveda that can disrupt the immune system in some way that allows more phlegm to generate and that can be the reason to accelerate the disease process. Moreover, over accumulation of phlegm can also make body vulnerable for infections. The characteristics would be seen in foods such as cold shakes, soda, beer or any form of cold beverages, ice creams, red meat, yogurt, cakes, pastries, peanuts, fried food, fritters, fruits and raw food in general, fruits and milk combined etc. and so use of these items can be restricted.

Use of home cooked warm food, ideally khichdi (ayurvedic preparation using rice and mung beans), warm water, use of Indian basil would be highly beneficial. Moreover, ayurvedic herbs too can be beneficial in management of respiratory conditions. However, that can’t be a generalized recommendation.

This information is based on ayurvedic principles as well as my experience in clinical ayurvedic practice over last 20 years. Presently, it looks hypothetical but in present scenario this can show a positive impact in the world.

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