By- Vaidya- Narendra N. Gujarathi,

An Ayurvedapractitioner often encounters a question from patients, their relatives, colleagues and friends from other medical fields as to whether there is anything (diagnosis or treatment) mentioned for these newer disorders like COVID 19?
The most appropriate answer to this question is given by Acharya Charaka in the chapter of Jwarachikitsa, hence Vaidya can treat infinite number of diseases by following the line of treatment and principles of Ayurveda and does not need to worry about naming the conditions as not all diseases symptoms or conditions will be named.

The second question here is “how? Ayurveda is a ‘Shashwat'(perpetual) science, the basic principles of which have not changed since time immemorial and will not change for eons to come. Unlike the protocols for the treatment of COVID 19, which have changed several times leaving the treating doctors baffled, the Ayurved based treatment protocol for all disease conditions remain constant.
So where is the mention of Covid19 in Ayurveda Covid-19 or any other viral fever is described under a bread category “BhootabhishangajAagantujaJwara”. The words means as follows Bhootabhishangaj = caused by “contact” , “pathogen”, and “external factors” which will then leads to imbalance in the three humors of the body ( viz Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and then cause disease.

Even though Ayurveda believes that Mana (Mind) is a “KAARAN DRAVYA” or something that is responsible of manifesting various disorders in body and creating the disordersor health problems.
Noteworthy here, in the context of COVID-19 infection is another quote from CHARAK Samhita which read “VISHAADO ROGAVARDHANANAAM” means that any sort of depression/ fear increase disease severity. In this pandemic, the fear factor has killed more lives than we should actually have lost.

To sum up in and algorithm, the management of COVID-19 is based of three lines, as follows Now , let’s elaborate each of these pointers the war we have been using it for our patients so far


Ayurveda for Covid-19
1) Aashwasana :- Assurance or convincement :
Me and my team have not used the mask or sanitizer till date and have remained infection free despite examining,and treating all stages of patients even COVID-19 positive patients in my compact clinic. We encourage hand wash and Norm of Swasthavrutta ( including social distancing and avoiding touch).This correct approach along with reassurance given boosts the moral of the patients which enhances immunity.

2) Raksha mantras:
We encourage that patients chant/ pray according to their individual religious beliefs. This is for mental strength and is completely optional.

i)Hand wash and social distancing is highly recommended and followed by me and my team. We do not increase use of sanitizer as soap and water are also equally effective.
ii)Dhoopan - Dhoopan with Rakshoghna Dravyas described in Ayurveda has antimicrobial activity. This is one of the Golden principles of Ayurved Read research papers from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar in 1987 for further details on evidence-based efficacy of Dhoopana. In my practice we have been using Dhoopan for the last 35 years with outstanding results. Antimicrobial activity is useful in tonsillitis, cellulitis, sinusitis, diabetic wounds and non healing ulcers.
To be able to effectively perform Dhoopan, I have devised an apparatus, viz Gujarathi’s Auto Dhoopan Apparatus ( GADA )

Dhupan Apparatus Those who do not have the apparatus can use simple lit coal/cow dung cake, add cow Ghee to it and burn Neem leaves,carom seeds, mustared, root powder of Acorus calamus, some turmeric powder for medicated fumes. These fumes effectively act as an antiviral at your home or office.
We encourage fumigation at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. for better results, although time factor can be tweaked a little in case one is not able to adhere these times.

iii)Nasya:We have been using for self and the patients and Ayurvedic treatment modality called Nasya, which essentially means administering medication through the nose for prophylaxis of covid-19 we use two drops of other coconut oil ,sesame oil or cow ghee in both nostrils apart from acting as a barrier to external particles or micro droplets NASA has several health benefits.
iv) Dhoompaanam: Inhaling and exhaling medicated fumes is yet another way of achieving prophylaxis note that Dhoomapaanam can also be done during mild to moderate stages of the disease. Inhaling and exhaling medicated fume is done with ease, using Gujarathi’s Auto Dhoopan Apparatus (GADA). The medicated cigar used for are different based on disease conditions and we suggest use of either Neem-Guggulu or Vacha-Guggulu cigar for covid-19 prophylaxis/treatment.

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This article is written by Vaidya- Narendra N. Gujarathi, MD (Ayu.)- GAU. Namodhan Hospital,14, Malara Market, opp. Old Bus stand, Navi Peth, Jalgaon 425001

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