Effective Panaceas For Diabetes You Must Know

Even though medicine has reached a whole new level of advancement; the doctors and scientists are still unable to find a complete cure for diabetes. This chronic illness has gained momentum in the recent years, and now more and more cases present with the issue of high blood sugar level, fainting spells, neuropathies, kidney disorders and other complications of diabetes. This not only scares the patient but also puts them under great stress as they have to deal with it for as long as they are alive.

Diabetes is a disease that can be managed throughout the life. Any treatment plan that can remove it from its roots is not yet discovered. Thus, it is important to follow a prophylactic treatment and management plan for this non-communicable disease.

For all those patients who are suffering from this disease, the only good news you can get is the availability of a perfect and reliable management plan. Here are some of the best panaceas you can follow to treat diabetes. They include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to help the ill individuals. The most important ones are as follows:

1. Keep your blood sugar levels under control

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Diabetes a metabolic disorder in which the blood sugar levels are altered. It is raised from the normal level due to insulin deficiency or body's resistance to insulin. This altered sugar level can result in so many known and unknown disturbances which is why the patient is asked to strictly control his sugar levels through his medicines, insulin and diet restrictions. Being a diabetic patient, you need to know about the normal and random blood sugar levels so that when you monitor it at home, you are well aware of the range in which your blood sugar level should fall.

2. Dietary modification is the sure short way to manage disease

Nearly everyone knows about the struggle of a diabetic patient when it comes to restricting diet. Many patients find it difficult to limit their carbohydrate and fat intake and live on diet that includes vegetables and fruits. But, this is the only way to keep the disease under control. No matter how much you love to eat sugary food, once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you'll have to wave goodbye to carbohydrates especially monosaccharides.
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3. Take obesity seriously

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One of the sole reasons of insulin deficit in the body is obesity. With the increase in BMI, the insulin receptors are destroyed and once your Beta cells are exhausted; you'll face the severe diabetic symptoms as well. The doctors worldwide have established the fact that losing weight helps in controlling diabetes to a great level. Thus, make it a habit of going on a morning or evening walk. You should also start with some light EXERCISE and slowly take it to an advanced level.

4. Consult your doctor immediately in case of any complication

Diabetes results in loads of complications over the time. The doctors look at the present situation and prescribe the interventions. In the case of any complications, you should run to your doctor so that he can modify your treatment plan and drug dosage before the complication gets worse.

5. Don't miss out on your prescribed medicines

Medicines and diet modification are the two keys to controlling the sugar levels. Never miss out on a single tablet. Make it your strict habit to take your medicines daily and within the time prescribed by the doctor. Metformin and Sulfonylureas are the usually the drug of choice as they help in building a controlled routine for diabetic patients.

6. Take insulin injections on time for effective results

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Whether you are prescribed the regular insulin, NPH or both; make sure you take it on the prescribed time. Most of the injections are taken before meal so that it aids in leveling the sugar levels as soon as possible after the food intake.

7. Foot care is another preventive measure you should take!

Diabetes panacea includes another golden rule of foot care among the list. Diabetic patients tend to get foot infection, ischemia, gangrene or other foot problems easily. This prone to foot problems can only be controlled by inspecting your feet for any changes regularly and drying them instantly after every time you wash them.
These golden rules to control diabetes are the best approach so far to keep this disease from showing its evil signs. Every diabetic is expected to make these changes in his lifestyle to improve his state of health.
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