begin the process of self-care

- by Nancy Holms

You may be diagnosed with diabetes at any time in your life. Should you contract this disease, it will be important for you to participate in your own care. This will help put you in charge of controlling the disease's progress. You can find information about it in a number of places, but the best place to start is with your own physician. Your doctor will encourage you to practice self-care since you are responsible for how you live your life. By the way self-care for diabetes extends to those who haven't been diagnosed as well.

If you are in the risk category for developing diabetes you need to keep a close eye on what is happening to your body and watch for symptoms of diabetes. Schedule regular appointments for checkups with your doctor. Diabetics that have been diagnosed must be diligent with their care so that they maintain their health and avoid the complications that happen so frequently as a result of diabetes.

Things a Diabetic person can do for self-care

Some of the things that a person with diabetes can do to practice self-care are -
(1) see their doctor regularly,
(2) have a yearly eye examination to check for any of the related eye conditions that can occur when a person has diabetes,
(3) have a regular yearly dentist appointment,
(4) stop smoking,
(5) eat a healthy and balanced diet,
(6) take proper care of the feet, since diabetes will affect the amount of blood circulation that reaches the feet.

When a person begins the process of self-care and assisting in the management of their diabetes they feel as though they have more say in their care and more control.

There are a variety of additional sources, such as a Diabetes Care Center, that can provide assistance in getting medical information. A diabetic care center is provides information to help you with the many aspects of your medical condition, including: planning a well balanced diet; administering medication; planning which medical checkups are necessary; and lending emotional support to you and your family. Diabetes Care Centers are also actively involved in researching cure for diabetes.

Diabetes, a genetic disease, can manifest itself in the later years of life, especially if an individual is over weight and does not practice healthy diet and exercise habits. If you are prone to the risk factors for diabetes either as a result of genetics or due to your lifestyle, schedule an annual checkup so that early detection of diabetes is possible.

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