Ayurveda Management of Diabetes -(Prameha)

In today's stressful modern living, incidence of Diabetes is definitely increasing. Every now and then we come across patients of Diabetes seeking Ayurvedic treatment and advice. Here is a brief description of Prameha (Diabetes)

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose resulting in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glycosuria (sugar in urine).
Poorly managed diabetes can lead to a host of long-term complications like :-
Heart attacks.
Nerve damage.
Amputation of Limb.
Impotence in men.
Pruritus (Itching)

Recent studies in the USA have revealed that if we keep our 'blood sugar' close to normal, there is a chance to resist Diabetes and it's complications.

;According to Ayurveda There are 20 forms of Diabetes (Prameha): 4 are due to Vata, 6 result from Pitta, and 10 are caused by Kapha. But Diabetes (Prameha) is mainly kapha doshaja disease.
All forms of diabetes not treated to, eventually develop into Madhumeha (Diabetes Melitus).

Causes of diabetes
1] Diet increasing kapha dosha such as sugar, fats, potatoes, rice.
2] Lack of exercise.
3] Mental stress and strain.
4] Excessive sleep etc.

Symptoms of diabetes
1] Excessive urine formation & Frequent urination.
2] Burning of palms and soles.
3] Increased hunger
4]Excessive Thirst.
5]Sweet taste to mouth etc.
6]Weight Loss
7]Blurry Vision
8]Wounds that take time to heal
9]Skin Infections
10]Unexplained extreme fatigue

Remedies for diabetes
1] Diet planning- is the cornerstone of managing diabetes.The diabetic diet is an otherwise normal balanced diet, with a few modifications and proper spacing between food intakes. Avoid diet increasing kapha dosha such as sugar, fats, potatoes, rice. Avoid alcohol
2] Daily exercise- One of the methods to heal prameha include strenuous exercises. Regular exercise in any form is a must.
In 'Yogasanas' -Forward bending asanas like 'Paschimottanasan','Halasan' etc. are effective
3]Restrict and reduce weight.
4] Avoid sleeping during daytime.
5] Avoid smoking.
6] Try to reduce stress by implementing 'Yoga' practice.

Useful herbs for diabetes management

1] Jambhul (Eugenia jambolana)Powder from jamun core is useful.
2] Gurmar(gymnema sylvestre).
3] Bitter Gourd/bitter melon (Momordica charantia)
4] Bel (Aegle marmelos).
5] Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)
6] Turmeric
7] Neem.
8] Triphala
9] Shilajit

Useful drug formulations
3]Asanad tablets
4] Shilajit Vati
5Trivanga bhasma.
6]Vasant Kusumakar

Diet in Diabetes

– Use barly ,Varee, Mung, Kulittha, Chickpeas, old rice, bitter gourd, Dodaka, dudhee gourd in diet. Roasted rice and wheat are more useful . Include 'Tikta ras' items in diet.

In summation, diabetes is not just a lack of insulin. Its most probable cause is plain poor maintenance of your body. It 's cure will need to include all of these things discussed. By doing all, diet, herbs, exercise and stress management, we will be able to take care of a single problem Diabetes.

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