5 ways to live longer and better with diabetes

By- Barry White

Diabetes is a disease which affects the body’s ability to create or respond to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that prevents blood sugar from getting too high. Insulin does this by making sure carbohydrates are converted into energy or stored appropriately. There are two main types of diabetes.
• Type 1. Individuals who suffer from type 1 diabetes cannot produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes is usually genetic and begins at birth or early childhood.
• Type 2. Individuals who suffer from type 2 diabetes find it difficult to respond to insulin. Type 2 is usually caused by a poor diet, high in sugar, which wears down the bodies insulin receptors. Type 2 diabetes tends to come on later in life and is slightly harder to treat.

If you have diabetes, it’s important to keep it under control in order to live life normally. In this article, we are going to cover 5 ways you can live longer and better with diabetes.

Forget the myth that Diabetes is Progressive
You may think your diabetes is going to get worse over time. It’s a myth that diabetes is progressive. If managed correctly and taken seriously- diabetes will not worsen over time. It is so important to fully understand your disease. So long as you follow your doctor's advice, your diabetes will remain steady over time.

benefits of eating few carbs   Know the other big benefits of eating few carbs
It’s a well-known fact that avoiding large amounts of carbohydrates is essential to living longer and better with diabetes. As research from hcg-injections.org shows, not only do Carbohydrates increase blood sugar, increasing the risk of hyperglycemia- they pose other negative effects to health. Eating too many simple carbohydrates can make you overweight. Avoiding carbohydrates can help you reach your weight loss goals, making you feel happier and healthier in the long run.

Get routine care to stay healthy
If you have diabetes, you need to keep in regular contact with a doctor who can assess your condition. It is essential that you get a health check at least twice a year. During this health check, your doctor should have a look at your blood pressure, feet and weight. They should also ask about your home health care plan to make sure you’re managing your disease safely.

An A1C test should be taken at least twice a year. An A1C test measures your average levels of blood sugar over the past 3 months. Taking this test allows your doctor to set treatment goals, modify therapy and monitor if you’re managing your disease properly.

You should also regularly get your cholesterol, teeth, gums, eyes and urine tested. Also make sure that you get your yearly flu shot, along with a shot for pneumonia and hepatitis B. This will keep you in tip-top shape.


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