5 ways to live longer and better with diabetes - Part 2

By- Barry White

Test which foods make your level rise
test sugar level   Two hours after you eat, take your blood sugar. If it’s over 120 mg/dl, it’s too high- and maybe you should avoid eating that food in future. By testing each food you eat- you can gain a deeper understanding of your own body, and what isn’t good for your diabetes. With thorough testing, you will have a bank of knowledge inside your head- allowing you to manage your diabetes with more ease. Whenever you try something new, test your sugar levels. That way, you can catch high blood sugar before symptoms take effect.

Take immediate action
If you notice that your blood sugar is too high- take steps to lower it right away. Don’t wait around- or you’re going to start feeling unwell. Most people find that a brisk walk or some moderate exercise does just the trick for avoiding hyperglycaemia. Some people have access to fast acting insulin injections, so if you are one of those people, keep your medication on hand. If you feel like your disease is worsening- don’t wait weeks or months before contacting your doctor- get it sorted out right away.

This is the key to living longer and better with diabetes. Many people hold the notion that diabetes isn’t that serious- but it is. By following the tips in this article, you can expect to live a normal, happy, healthy life.

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