Prof.Dr. Subhash Ranade & Dr. Sunanda Ranade

Prof.Em.Dr.Subhash Ranade,Chairman, IAA and Dr.Mrs.Sunanda Ranade,Vice-Chairman, IAA are in the field of Ayurveda since last 47 years. Teaching and giving consultations to patient’s world over. Their aim of life is to propagate Ayurveda Worldwide and they call it as Karma Yoga. This is selfless work for the benefit of all the people and for the Ayurvedic fraternity.

From 1963 they have contributed to Ayurvedic World by conducting health camps, giving free lectures in India, by giving Radio and Television talks for the common people, by writing articles on popular subjects in various News Papers and Magazines and writing scientific as well as books on common subjects for all the people.

They started their journey of Propagation of Ayurveda Abroad in 1982 and since till today have carried the message of Ayurveda in all the Five Continents. They have given hundreds of Ayurvedic Seminars at various Universities and Institutions in places like Europe (Germany, Spain, Swiss, Italy, Tel Aviv, Portugal), USA (Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Vedika Global,) South America ( Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru) Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and China.

They have also participated in number of International Conferences on Ayurveda and Yoga in various Countries like Indonesia, Germany, Italy, USA, Brazil, and Argentina since 1984.Since 2000 they are traveling more than 50,000 miles each year and probably they are the only Ayurvedic Physicians having the status of Gold Card Membership of Lufthansa German Airlines and their Alliance Partners.

They have established International Academy of Ayurveda in 1996 and through IAA, they have given more than 100 opportunities to 45 Ayurvedic Physicians to go Abroad and spread the message of Ayurveda in different Countries.

They are writing a series of articles about their experience of travel in various foreign countries.

Ayurvedakarmayoga germany   Article 1- Germany

Ayurvedakarmayoga 2   Article 2- Germany - Part 2

Ayurvedakarmayoga indonesia   Article 3- Italy Indonesia Thailand

Ayurvedakarmayoga Italy   Article 4- Italy-2

Ayurvedakarmayoga Hungary   Article 5- Italy,Hungary, Rumania

Ayurvedakarmayoga germany   Article 6- Italy,Germany

Ayurvedakarmayoga swiss   Article 7- Austria, Swiss

Ayurvedakarmayoga poland   Article 8- Poland, Greece

Ayurvedakarmayoga japan   Article 9- Japan

Ayurvedakarmayoga-USA   Article 10- USA - 1

Ayurvedakarmayoga-USA-2   Article 11- USA - 2

Ayurvedakarmayoga-USA-3   Article 12- USA - 3


These courses are prepared by Prof. Em. Dr. Subhash Ranade,Chairman, IAA   &
Dr. Sunanda Ranade,Vice-Chairman, IAA. These online courses are conducted through website Ayurveda For You.