Ayurvedic Herbology On line Course

A short term On line Correspondence Certificate Course

This course is conducted through our website, in collaboration with International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, India.

This Herbology course will be useful for -

  • 1. Undergraduate students
  • 2. Post-graduates students of Ayurveda
  • 3. General Enthusiasts of Ayurveda
  • 4. Ayurvedic Practitioners
  • 5. Aroma therapists
  • 6. Alternative medical Practitioners.

Study of Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs [Dravyaguna Vidnyana]

It is the science of energetic principles and their various uses for treating diseases.

Today while learning and practicing Ayurveda and alternative medicine ; the knowledge of the Healing Herbs described in Ayurveda is very important.

Learning the Herbs in Ayurvedic way is very important but in today's advanced world the updates and scientific information of the Herbs is also very useful for the treatment of a diseases.

Dravyaguna Vidnyana – Study of Ayurvedic Herbs- is available in two formats

1. Only Ayurvedic Herbology Ebook in 5 Volumes
        [To Read More and To Purchase Only Ebook Click Here]

2. Interactive On line Herbology Course- with Certificate from International academy of Ayurveda
[ P.S - You need not purchase the above mentioned ebook separately. They are included in study material for the course]

Salient features of the "Ayurvedic Herbology Ebooks" include:

  • 1. Colored photographs of the herbs.
  • 2. Useful information on energetic principles along with their main action on doshas, dhatus and sortas or channels.
  • 3. Useful pharmaceutical preparations available in the market with their dose and anupan or veichle.
  • 4. Phytochemistry and Clinical as well as other type of research done till today.
  • 5. Solid background chapters that provide essential guidance on all Herbology strategies and Ayurvedic treatment.

Salient features of the "Ayurvedic Herbology Course" on line course include:

  • 1.Excellent study material which includes above mentioned Ayurvedic Herbology Ebook Plus few other useful ebooks.
  • 2. Interactive nature - questions are given at the end of each part / herb. You are supposed to write down the answers to these questions and send them to the Faculties for evaluation.
  • 3. Expert faculties are available to answer your queries.
  • 4.'International Academy of Ayurveda' will email you a Certificate of Completion after completion of the course.

Faculties for this On line Ayurveda Courses:

  • Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade
    B.A.M.&S, M.A.Sc, Ph.D
    Chairman, IAA, Pune, India
  • Dr. Shashikant Patwardhan
    Editor,Ayurveda For You
  • Dr. Sachin Kuber

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Course Structure:

There are Five Sections:-

Section ONE:- The first section deals with classical and modern information on History, Philosophy of Herbology. The basic principles are explained in detail for readers for complete understanding the view of Ayurveda on diseases and their treatment. It tells the various factors of Herbal actions on body. It describes the way of action of Herb with tastes, potency, post digestive effect. This section basically prepares the reader to understand the next sections of this book.

Ayurvedic Herbology Section Second:- This sections actually starts describing the herbs in details. This section contains the most prominent and useful 60 Herbs in details. It includes Sanskrit name, Latin name, synonyms, attributes, taste, potency, post digestive effects, action on doshas and tissues, internal uses, external uses, chemical compositions, research material, high quality photos of Herbs, commercial medical preparations etc. This entitles users to find most comprehensive information on Herbology available.

Section Third:- This section covers next set of 60 prominent Herbs described in above said fashion.

Section Fourth:- This section covers herbs from 121 to 225 used in Ayurvedic practice.

Section Fifth:- This section covers remaining herbs,about 100, used in Ayurvedic practice.


answer sheets assessmentA set of questions is provided on each volume. After finishing each volume get your questionnaire from the website.

You are supposed to write down the answers to these questions and
send them to the Faculties for evaluation.

Faculty will check your answers and will send you an 'Assessment Report'

There is no specific time limit assigned for this course. You can study at your leisure and complete the course any time.

Your Course will be complete after you send answers to questions on all 5 sections. No other examination is conducted.

'International Academy of Ayurveda' will email you a 'Certificate of Completion' after completion of the course.

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