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festival of lightsdiwali

Many cultures throughout the world consider light to be very auspicious as it is a symbol of happiness, life and truth. The festival of Diwali is the festival of lights and heralds the emergence of happiness. The festival of lights inspires human beings to march in the direction of truth and happiness getting away from falsehood and darkness.

Diwali - A festival synonymous with celebrations in India and among Indians all over the world, is an occasion for jubilation and togetherness. This is an occasion for young and the old, men and women rich and poor - for everyone. Irrespective of their religious and economic background, the festival is celebrated throughout the country to ward off the darkness and welcome the light into their lives.

People give expressions to their happiness by lighting earthen diyas and decorating the houses to welcome Lakshmi- the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, bursting fire crackers. The lighting of lamps is a way of paying obeisance to God for attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace and fame and it also signifies goodness. It is also marked as the beginning of the Hindu New Year and as a brand new beginning for all.

This great festival is the holy memory of the victory of Satya (truth) against devils. We wish all our readers "Very Happy Diwali & Very Happy and healthy New year ".May Lord Dhanvantari ( God of Ayurveda ) bless you and your family members, health and happiness..

Keeping with this tradition we wish
"Very Happy Diwali" to our readers

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