Glossary of Ayurvedic Terms - O

commonest meanings defined in simplest way.

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boiled rice Boiling the rice and then draining the water. The solid with or without fluid portion is called odana. It is very easily digestible.


Vigor, strength and vitality that is the essence of all tissues (dhatus). It means the life sap or the essence of immune system and spiritual energy. Ojas is a protoplasmic substance called the albumin and globulin that is formed during the biosynthesis of bodily tissues and strengthens the tissues.

As ghee is the pure essence of milk, in the same way this protoplasmic biological substance is the pure essence of biological tissue. In the churning process to make ghee, agni is created, electricity is created, which ionizes and separates the molecules of butter from buttermilk. In the same way, the end product of digested food plus agni(fire or warmth, body heat) creates the nutritional precursor called ahar rasa. Rasa dhatu agni transfers the immature ahar rasa into mature sthay rasa. Asthayi means mobile, unstable, unprocessed, and immature. Sthay means stable, permanent, and mature. In that transformation, dhatu waste products, dhatu by products and ojas is created

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