Glossary of Ayurvedic Terms - G

commonest meanings defined in simplest way.

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Ghruta (Ghee)

Ghruta ia a sanskrit word meaning ghee. It is the clarified butter made by heating unsalted butter. The ghee may be stored without refrigeration and can be used for most of the preparations that need oil or butter as the basic ingredient.


All material entities including the mind are the composites of the three gunas, namely the sattva, rajjas and tamas. These are the attributes whose imbalance leads to creation.


Celestial musicians, Heavenly singers.


Sciatica , It is vattaj roga. The aggravated vata and kapha invades the hip region leading to stiffness, pain and pricking sensation in the waist, back , thigh, knee and calf region.


Medicinal herb - Puncture vine, Latin name: Tribulus terrestris.


Name of an herb: Latin name: Tinospora cordifolia.


A gum from the herb called Indian bedellium, Latin name: Commiphora mukul.