Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment - 2


The Ayurvedic view of the menstrual cycle:
Average menses are considered to be 4-5 days, moderate flow, moderate colour, no clots, no discomfort.
Kapha phase: End of bleeding until ovulation is a time of building the endometrium and increasing kapha. (Oestrogen is increasing).
Pitta phase: Ovulation until bleeding. (Progesterone is high and is secreted by the corpus luteum - prepares endometrium for implantation and breasts for milk secretion).
Vata phase: Apana vayu (the downward descending wind) pushes the menstrum down and out, therefore emptying the contents of the womb.

If there is any disturbance in these phases then they need to be balanced. The main problem with the female menstrual cycle is that the downward descending energy (apana vayu) is blocked. This causes all sorts of fluctuations from pain, bloating, dryness, anxiety, insomnia, scanty periods, irregular cycle, clots and infertility. The strategy is to first clear any obstructions and then to tonify with nourishing boosting herbs.

Tips to balance the menstrual cycle:

  • Ensure that there is no obstruction in the pelvic cavity; this means making sure you are not constipated and have no pain during ovulation or menstruation- use Triphala and Aloe vera to help with this.
  • Daily self-massage with warm sesame oil followed by a warm shower or bath. Focus on a clockwise abdominal massage for 5 minutes a day.
  • Take Aloe vera juice throughout the cycle from day 7 until day 21 to cleanse and nourish the tissues.
  • Take 'A.L.Compound' to boost fertility and normalise menstruation.
  • Drink a tea made from fennel seeds, liquorice, saffron and fresh ginger.
  • Drink rose water regularly as it prepares the uterus for implantation.

Balance vata during the vata bleeding phase by relaxing, resting, staying warm and calm. Especially keep your abdomen warm and avoid the cold.
Balance kapha during the proliferative phase by eating nourishing soups that strengthen the blood and enhance ovulation- include beet roots, aloe vera, shatavari, nettles and whole grains in your diet.
Balance pitta during the last phase of the cycle by keeping off foods that might aggravate heat and stress in your body, i.e. coffee, chocolate, alcohol. Increase your yoga practice, have lots of warm baths and clockwise abdominal massage and add Ashoka Triphala and Aloe vera in your regime to keep the pelvic region un-congested.

Excessive mental, emotional and physical stress can worsen the symptoms of many chronic disorders, including infertility. This is due to hormonal changes and other biochemical responses to stress that can imbalance the nervous system. Trying to get pregnant can be very stressful. What is important is that getting pregnant can be facilitated by optimizing your health. It is easy to say it but basically just try to relax and let nature work her course. Also remember that when we are tense then our channels and vessels are constricted. If this happens with uterus then the fallopian tubes, the blood vessels nourishing the uterus can also be constricted, which is the opposite of what is needed to conceive. So, just relax!     Continue >>>>

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