Ayurveda & Hormone Replacement Therapy- Part 2

Conventional and Ayurvedic Methods

You’re Wary of Conventional Methods-
Hormone replacement therapy is available in many forms. The most common is conventional - synthetic hormones that are created out of man made materials and animal sources. But this isn’t the only means of HRT available.

Patients can also opt for bio-identical hormones that are very similar to the natural hormones of the body such as estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone. These compounds are naturally produced in the ovaries. Bio-identical hormone replacement is available in two ways. You can either buy them as ready supplements developed and marketed by pharmaceutical companies. Or, you opt for the hormones offered by your compounding pharmacy. Such pharmacies offer you supplements that can be taken in various forms such as patches, gels, creams, pills, and vaginal rings.

The Downside to Hormone Replacement Supplements

Should you choose to opt for the products offered by the pharmaceutical companies, you can be rest assured that since they are regulated by the FDA, each batch you buy will be identical in effects and strength. Compounding pharmacies claim to design their products specifically to meet your individual needs. However, while the ingredients of these products are approved by the FDA, the end result is not. In addition, your hormone levels can fluctuate within a single day and the customized products you use may not be effective. Further, since each pharmacy has its own compounding procedures, you might find the strength of a particular supplement varies from store to store.

Ayurvedic Hormone Replacement: a Better Choice-
Perhaps the most important downside to conventional methods of hormone replacement is that they are effective only so long as you continue to take the supplements. An interesting option would be to make certain lifestyle changes and get the hormones you need from natural forms and the food you eat. In fact, many food groups contain phytoestrogens that mimic the oestrogen your body produces. You can also opt for Ayurvedic hormone replacement and take hormones that are derived from pure plant sources - such as bio-identical hormones - that are not likely to have any side effects whatsoever.

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