Ayurveda for a woman of menopausal age

By - Dr.Nikhil Baxi

Menstrual cycle is an indicator of the reproductive life of the female. It starts normally at the age of 12 to 14 yrs and stops at around age of the 50 yrs. The cessation of the menstrual cycle indicates menopause in the women. It is a turning point in the life of the women. The time span around the menopause is complicated one. The women may suffer due to the various physical and psychological problems in this duration.

Menopause Symptoms: (Problems arising in menopausal women)

  • The physical stamina for the work done is starting declining.
  • The hormonal imbalance takes place.
  • Menstrual cycle become irregular. Heavy bleeding may occur.
  • Complains like white discharge through vagina, Dryness of the vagina, low backache, and hot flashes may start around the menopausal age.
  • The other physical disorders like Diabetes, Joint Pain, and Hypertension may arise.
  • The beauty starts decline. Body shape getting change. Wrinkles arise on the Face. All these things are hard to accept. These changes may create negativity.
  • Interest in the Physical relation is ceased.

  • Women may feel alone. As her children are grown up and have there own interests.
  • If the woman is working at some place, the age of retirement arises or come nearer.
  • A change in the mood is a common thing in this age.
  • Emotions are aggravates due to the casual things.
  • Anger on the small things may be usual.
  • Crying on the little things become common.

Ayurvedic Management of Menopausal problems


  • The age should be accepted blissfully. The bare time should be filled with constructive things. It helps to maintain the Optimistic view.
  • The mixing with the women's of the same age group and sharing the feelings with them is also a best solution for the emptiness.
  • Sleeping at the Day time should be minimized. The day time should be spend in reading the good books or doing the small new things.
  • Physical exertion should be avoided.
  • Mental stress should be avoided.
  • Aroma and silent music plays important role in blooming of mind. The body massage with the Aromatic oil relaxes body and mind and the bath with the mild perfumed water may help to elevate the mood.
  • Beauty Parlour visit should be done to enhance the beauty.
  • The Pranayam and Yogasanas should be done under the supervision of the Experts. It definitely helps to gain peace of mind.
Wholesome Diet
  • The Kheer prepared with the Ahaliva should be included in the diet.
  • Intake of Dates, Black Resin, and Almonds is useful.
  • The Edible Gum Laddu is beneficial.
  • The Date soaked in the Ghee is also helps.
Unwholesome Diet
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Deep Fried Food
  • Salty food like the salted Groundnuts, Pappad, Pickles
  • Spicy food

Treatment for the problems in the Menopausal Age

  • 'Shatavari Kalpa' (Asparagus) can be taken as tonic for the enhancement of the health.
  • For the hot flashes regular intake of the cold infusion of the following powders is useful. - Nut grass (Musta), Coriander fruit (Dhanyak), Khus (Vala) and Sandalwood.
  • Intake of Cup of hot infusion of the Madder root (Manjishtha), and Indian Sarsaparilla (Sariva) is also beneficial.
  • Sleeplessness may arise around this age. It can be well manage by the hot infusion of Nardus root (Jatamansi) and Dhamasa.
A healthy menstrual cycle is essential to a woman's health and well being. A woman is like pillar who supports the family may it be tough or light times, hence she should take care of her health and

DR. NIKHIL BAXI- M.D. (AYURVED), PGPP (Panchkarma) PUNE is an Ayurvedic Consultant . He can be contacted at his Email ID -nikhil24j@gmail.com

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