Herbs Used In Rasayana chikitsa - part 4

By: Prof.Dr.Subhash Ranade

Rasayana Herbs
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Medovaha srotas-
1. Guggulu – Commiphora mukul, Indian myrrh, (Burserceae). Oleo gum resin is used.
Rasa – Bitter, pungent and astringent. Veerya – Hot and penetrating, Vipaka – Pungent.
Action on Dosha –Balances all doshas but mainly VK– P+ Since it increases Pitta, care must be taken in Pitta Prakruti persons.
Action on Dhatu /Channels – Rasayana action on all tissues but on Medovaha and Asthivaha channels it is prominent.
Actions – Medoghna, lekhaniya and vedanasthapana.

Medovaha srotas – By its lekhaniya action it scraps away excess fatty tissue from various channels. This action is done also by stimulating Medo Dhatu. Hence it also helps to reduce blood cholesterol.

Rasavaha srotas – Has excellent rasayana action on skin. It is best for treating inflammations of the skin. Most popular combination is Triphala Guggulu. It should be given in dose of 1 to 3 gm. Per day.

Chemical composition – It has Sterols like Guggulsterone, guggulsterol and B – sitosterol. It also contains essential oils like myrecene and eugenol.

Asthivaha srotas
1. Shallaki Guggulu – Boswellia serrata, Frankincense, (Burseraceae), Gum is used.
Rasa – Bitter, pungent and astringent: Veerya – Hot, Vipaka – Pungent.
Action on Dosha – VK- P+
Action on Dhatu /Channels – Specific rasayana action on Asthi dhatu and asthivaha srotas and Shukravaha srotas.
Actions – Lekhana, Vedanasthapana, sandhaniya.

Asthivaha srotas – It reduces inflammation of bones and joints and hence is rasayana for diseases like amavata and sandhigata Vata. Also removes pains and aches in this channels and helps to heal the wounds.

Artavavaha srotas – Rasayana action for diseases like uterine fibroids and cysts.

Majjavaha srotas-
1. Brahmi –Bacopa monniera, (Scrophulariaceae) Whole plant is used.
Rasa – Bitter, sweet: Veerya – cooling, Vipaka – Sweet.
Action on Dosha – Balances all doshas. In excess PV+
Action on Dhatu /Channels – Rasayana action on Majjavaha and Mutravaha srotas
Actions – Medhya.

Majjavaha srotas – It has excellent action to calm aggravated Vata dosha and sooth the nerves. Fresh juice of the leaves in dose of 5 ml three times day has the best action. It is useful in diseases like apasmar –epilepsy, mania and hysteria. It is also useful for improving memory and ability to concentrate on given subject.

Mutravaha srotas – Useful in diseases like mutrakricchra – burning Micturition.

Artavavaha srotas –
1. Shatavari –Asparagus racemosus, Wild asparagus, (Liliaceae), roots are used.
Rasa – Bitter, sweet: Veerya – cooling, Vipaka – Sweet.
Action on Dosha – VP – K+
Action on Dhatu /Channels – Artavavaha, Shukravaha, annavaha and mamsavaha.
Actions – Balya, artavajanana, Vrushya, Ojovardhana, Stanyajanana and Medhya.

Artavavaha srotas – It is excellent rasayana for female reproductive system. Shatavari relieves the menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. By producing estrogens it overly makes up for low estrogen levels in women. Shatavari is highly beneficial in amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea and other pelvic inflammatory diseases. It is uterine tonic as it increases uterine muscles. It is exceedingly effective in improving fertility. It tones and nourishes female reproductive organs and greatly regulates ovulation. It acts as a good rasayana by causing tissue fire stimulation by its bitter taste and nutrition of dhatus by its qualities. Shatavari treats PMS symptoms just by relieving pain and controlling blood loss.

Shukravaha srotas – It exerts beneficial effect on Shukra dhatu and also increases Ojus.

Annavaha srotas – It has beneficial action on entire mucosa of the intestines and also alleviates high Pitta. Hence it has rasayana action on diseases like Amlapitta and Parinama Shula.

Rasavaha srotas - Shatavari aids in proper lactation for nursing mothers, by increasing Stanya.

Chemical composition - It contains alkaloid known as asparagamine, steroidal glycoside and saponins like shatavarin, sarasapogenin and lot of mucilage.

CHYAVANPRASH: is an ancient and most popular rejuvenator tonic of Ayurveda.
Chyavan-Prash enhances body metabolism and immunity and considered to be one of the most health promoting product of Ayurveda.
Have a big spoonful of this Chyavan-Prash with milk everyday morning. This diet is a powerful tonic.

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