Positive Health through Rasayana Theraphy

By- Dr. Amit Yadav

Every man want to live long & healthy, for this there are prayers to promote rejuvenation and healing and regeneration of living tissues ie, Dhatus in the body. For this there is Rasayana therapy in Ayurveda.

Rasayana is one of the eight clinical specialities of classical Ayurveda. Rasayana is not a drug therapy but is a specialized procedure practised in the from of reguvenative recipes, dietary regimen and special health promoting conduct and behavior ie, Achara-Rasayan.

Labhopayo hi Sastanam rasadinam Rasayanam.(Cs.ci 1/8)

Rasayana means the way for attaining excellent rasa ie, one attains longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from disorder, youthful age, excellence of lusture, complexion & voice, optimum strength of physique and sense organs, successful words, respectability and brilliance.

Historical Aspects - Rasayana is described elaborately in the four padas of the 1 st chapter in charaka's cikisthasthana of charak samitha. In Susruthasamitha it is found in 27-29 chapter of chikistasthana & Astangahrdya of Vagbhata of utteratantra.

Effects of Rasayana

Considering the Ayurvedic concepts of physiology Rasayana agent promotes nutrition trough one of the folling three modes :

  • By direct enrichment of the nutritional quality of rasa (nutritional plasma) - Satavarai, milk, ghee etc.
  • By promoting nutrition through impromving agni (digestion & metabolism) - Bhallataka, pippali etc.
  • By promoting the competence of srotas (microcirculatory channels in the body)-Guggulu.

Classification Of Rasayana - The rasayanas may be classified as below :
A - As per scope of use -
1. Kamaya Rasayana - Promoter of normal health.
a. Pranakamya - Promotor of vitality & longevity of life.
b. Medhakamya - Promoter of intelligence.
c.Srikamya - Promotor of complexion.
2. Naimittika Rasayana - Promotes the vitality in specific diseases.
B - As per method of use -
1.Vatatapika Rasayana - Outdoor therapy.
2. Kutipravesika Rasayana - Indoor therapy.
C - As per content of Rasayana -
1. Ausadha Rasayana - Drug Rasayana.
2. Ahara Rasayana - Dietary Rasayana.
3. Achara Rasayana - Conduct of Rasayana.

Method of useing Rasayana

- Before the use of rasayana therapy it is very essential that samsodhanna karma is done as a preparatory procedure. Similarly the the patient needs mental purification as well.

CHYAVAN-PRASH: is an ancient and most popular rejuvenator tonic of Ayurveda.
Maharshi Chyavan first prepared this medicine and that is why it is known as "Chyavan-Prash". It is made by mixing the elixire of eighteen roots and herbs in the fresh Aamlaki Paste and sugarcane syrup.
Chyavan-Prash enhances body metabolism and immunity and considered to be one of the most health promoting product of Ayurveda. Have a big spoonful of this Chyavan-Prash with milk everyday morning. This diet is a powerful tonic. It is said that Sage Chyavan made it to bring back youth in an old and fragile body.

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Dr.Amit yadav ,B..M S. is working as a Lecturer and consultant of Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicine with Dev Sanskriti University, Shantikunj, Haridwar. He can be contacted at -amitmedico1995@rediffmail.com
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