Ayurveda and Alzheimer’s - Part 3

Working for a road of recovery through Ayurvedic treatment

by Dr. Shubhankari P Rao

What is the Wholesome diet to the mind and body

Mothers there is very strong evidence that substance in your milk spur mental development say Ayurvedic Acharyas. A recent study by Alan Lucas Head of Infant and Child nutrition at the medical Research Councils Dunn Nutrition unit in England found that babies fed breast milk showed higher intelligence as youngsters than those fed on infant formulas.

Human life consists of continuous coordinated working of the body, sense organs; motor organs mind intellect ego and the individual soul. Consuming a diet, which promotes life health. Physical and mental strength happiness and love are all the essentials

The sense organs are healthy when they get a diet of good quality in adequate amount the level of alertness or fatigue has a lot to do with the way the brain is fed and cared for. Ayurveda speaks of feeding each and every sense organ.

The recommended diet for ears sense organ is listening to spiritual discourses, devotional songs lectures of experts in subjects of one’s choice. You have recommended ragas like Kamachu for improving memory, Kedara, dhanyasi , vasanta ,Mukari and husaeni is indicated for mental disorders, Jamjuti is heightening happiness of mind,Bilahari for cleansing of mind Shahana healthy thoughts sourashtra and saama keeps your mind calm, Nayaki for brain disorders. The diet, which has proved harmful to the ears, is listening to loud noises of fire crackers shrill noises harsh music or listening to criticism.

The recommended diet for skin organ is gentle and loving touch and applications, which are soothing to the skin, avoid contact with sharp rough and irritable objects. Wearing orange clothes induces relaxation and, the rate of blood flow slows down. A sense of calmness and security develops when orange is combined with blue. Yellow surroundings cause allergies to flare more frequently. Blue brings calmness to the whole body. It slows the pulse rate, deepens breathing, reduces perspiration and lowers body temperature. Green color favors favorable metabolic responses. Allergic reactions are reduced. Brown color is considered environmentally sound. It dispels mental depression. Reduces irritability, eliminates chronic fatigue. Red color elevates blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, blood flow and reactions become automatic.

The recommended diet for the tongue Juicy fruits and liquids, lubricating and nourishing diet like milk butter and ghee prepared out of cow’s milk Food items like dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, pastas which can be stored and do not putrefy or ferment tasty and pleasurable diet. Eating excessively pungent and bitter food items prove harmful for the tongue. Food s which serve as natural antidote for mental and physical ailments are called as Arogya vivardana. Deficiencies of certain nutrients over a certain time can have a profound and immediate effect on your mood and mental energy and can throw your brain waves and functioning out of whack. Do not skip cereals because they supply heat and energy to the human body and form the major portion of the food. Godhuma- wheat germ and bran help as nerve vitamins. As a memory booster Ayurvedic Acharyas speak about nut Meg a pinch mixed with a tablespoon of Amla juice thrice daily. This remedy will also take care of insomnia (loss of sleep), Hypertension mental irritability depression etc.

The recommended diet for the nose is fragrant odor while foul or strong odor like that of ammonia or some insect repellent is harmful for the nose. Some smells have a tranquilizing effect on our system on the whole. You will find an interesting list below. In an anxiety condition to soothe your nerves use the smell of jasmine, in weakness use cardamom and basil leaf to smell.
To fight absentmindedness Basil, lemon, orange scents help and in sleeplessness use lavender, orange rose, basil etc
To soothe Anger cardamom, champak. Orange rose smell calm you down The Scent of peppermint and lavender help healing of stubbornness
And to calm down violent and hurtful tendencies musk works wonders .In subjects of frustration Brahmi helps. If depressed use lemon grass, grapefruit and orange.

Food for the motor organs: The hands legs larynx anus and the genitals are the five sense organs. Their appropriate use is recommended while their excessive use, inadequate use or inappropriate use is harmful for health. The destruction of brain cells from stress doesn’t happen suddenly or dramatically. It happens gradually overtime and it can be stopped .If you are worried about memory loss take a big step for rejuvenating your brain cells by learning how to deal with stress and by adjusting your diet to ease up on the stress.

Remember it is easier to prevent Alzheimer’s than looking for a treatment for correcting it.

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Proper diet can treat a fatigue and boost energy levels. It is important to include nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetable in order to improve your endurance, avoid exhaustion and revamp brain performance. The easiest way is to implement the juicing recipes that fight fatigue and improve stamina in your daily diet. By juicing, vitamins and minerals responsible for proper brain functions and energy levels are delivered directly into your body in the most effectve way. Fresh juices on empty stomach also improve metabolism and mental sharpness.

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