Ayurvedic Metallic Medicines - NOT FATAL - 3

By Dr.Partap Chauhan

Ayurveda considers each person to be unique and offers unique personalized Ayurvedic treatment. Two persons suffering from same symptoms may receive different treatment. The treatment is personalized according to the patients physical nature (prakriti), age, immunity, mind power, habitat etc. A customized diet, life style, exercise, emotional support, spiritual treatments, breathing and meditations techniques also form the part of the treatment. Ayurvedic treatments aim to eradicate the root cause of the disease, which could be located in the body, mind, environment, family or profession. It needs a proper qualification and experience for someone to understand and practice Ayurveda. The only way Ayurvedic medicines can be 'fatal' is when not taken under the guidance of a qualified doctor. Like modern medicine, Ayurvedic medicines should not be sold over the counter specially those containing toxic metals.

No adverse effects have found of these metallic medicines

To conclude, the presence of toxic metals in Ayurvedic medicines and their effects have been well documented in various Ayurvedic texts. It would be interesting to do a research on what do these metallic medicines do when taken internally. Clinical studies should be done on people taking metallic medicines by checking their liver, blood and kidney functions on regular basis. Facts described in Ayurveda texts like "Bhasms' are just carriers and are eliminated through excretory systems" should confirmed by doing regular urine and stool analysis for the person consuming metallic medicines. If no adverse effects are found, these metallic medicines should be declared safe and used worldwide for the benefit of millions of those suffering from incurable diseases.

If medicines are found to have toxic or damaging effects, the manufacturing processes or the consuming processes have to be checked. According to facts documented in Ayurvedic texts these are the only two situations when metallic medicines can cause toxic effects in the body. It is not Ayurveda, but the manufacturing unit or the doctor/patient (not following instructions), which is at fault. Every Ayurvedic principle, treatment, medicine is pro-biotic- supports life and longevity. Ayurveda is safe, effective and holistic approach to achieve 'eternal health'.

Dr. Pratap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda Center for Incurable Diseases (www.Ayurvedic.org), has an extensive background in Vedic philosophy and spirituality and is an accomplished Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctor) practicing Ayurveda in its original form.