Ayurvedic Metallic Medicines are NOT FATAL -2

By Dr.Partap Chauhan

The multi ingredient compounds are formulated in a way that the ingredients are capable of counter balancing any toxic effects, if any, present in the herbs or metals (bhasm). Besides, the use of these metallic preparations is discontinued after every 12 weeks for a couple of weeks, so that the body can eliminate or neutralize any traces of the metals left in the body. The period after which the use of metallic medicines should be discontinued may differ from metal to metal. In some metals like iron it is not even necessary to discontinue, while in more toxic ones like Arsenic, it is advised to skip one day after every six days. The proper dose of these metallic medicines is very important. Such medicines therefore should always be taken under the supervision of an expert who knows all methods to ensure zero toxicity and management of complications, if any.

These metallic medicines are very Safe for Internal use

When purified/processed properly and used under an expert's guidance, these metallic medicines are quite safe for internal use. If these medicines were fatal, it would have been evident in thousands of years of their use. Historically, Rasa Shastra an offshoot of Ayurveda developed around the period when Buddha existed (more than 2500 years ago). Ever since, it has been widely used by Ayurvedic doctors in India to treat millions of patients. If the metallic preparations were not safe, more than half of India would have died as a result of taking these medicines in all these years and this could not have gone unnoticed. However the findings are totally opposite. These metallic medicines have been used as wonderful life saving drugs for thousands of years without any adverse effects.

The use of metals, gems or poisons in medicines as described in Ayurveda, should not sound scary as the use of dangerous/poisonous ingredients is involved in all major medical systems including modern medicine. The contents of antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, tranquilizers and other chemical medicines are well known to everyone. Their adverse effects are well documented exactly as of the metallic medicines documented in ancient Ayurvedic texts. Hundreds of thousand people die every year or suffer from complications resulting from drug reactions and surgeries. But we have lots of benefits of modern medicine and surgery especially during emergency and critical conditions. In order to get these benefits, we need to take modern medicines even though we know that they may contain ingredients that can be toxic or create complications.

It has been noted that metallic Ayurvedic medicines can help patients who have tried all other medical system and have lost all hope to recover. That is why they are sometimes called as 'life saving' or 'miracle' medicines. But there can be complications and adverse effects of these medicines too, especially when these metallic Ayurvedic medicines are labeled as 'herbal medicine' or supplements and sold through grocery stores or prescribed by spiritual gurus, yoga teachers, energy healers and unqualified Ayurvedic practitioners. It is like a barber performing a 'heart transplant' surgery. That could be really dangerous as well as scary. Ayurveda is a serious medical system and has well developed systems of diagnosis and treatments. It is the only medical system in the world, which has apparatus to deal with complete human being, which comprises of mind, body and soul.

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