Heavy metals in Ayurvedic Medicines

Recently there has been quite an uproar over certain reports mentioning dangerous levels of metals in Ayurvedic medicine and also the decisions of some countries to ban the same. It has been observed that this issue surfaces again and again after a certain period and we have to answer it again and again. Here we have tried to collect some good articles written by Ayurvedic stalwarts and we hope that this will make the point clear.

These days speaking against so called heavy metal has become a fashion . No-body even bother to know where the term started and wether it is relevant to call it heavy metal at all .

whether it is toxic to the body or not ?

at what levels? and to what extent?

What is difference in ayurvedic compound preparation's than compounds found in the common labs ?

What dose WHO and govt. of UK says about it?

These articles is an attempt to explains it . Please go through them study them and then send us your views, queries regarding it .

Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India which is responsible for policy decision on such matters has come out with clear regulations regarding the same.

Information on the same can be accessed at the following link:-