What is menopause?

By- Selsa Wachsel

Menopause is one of those stages in life that women prefer not to consider until they are ready to undergo it, and sometimes even then they are not ready to confront this inevitable stage of life.

During the menopause phase there are several hormonal changes experienced by a woman, the ovaries stop producing and releasing eggs. The level of hormones produced changes and so does their activity, because of which over a period of time women can no longer produce eggs and or become pregnant.

From the onset of menopause till the time when the monthly periods finally stop is a long and slow process. Many women are quite happy with the thought of the monthly periods stopping for the rest of their lives.

Women also experience many kinds of physical and mental symptoms. Such as hot flushes, mood swings, depression and other peculiar symptoms that resemble those of the pre menstrual phase. There is not much difference in the way that women experience these syndromes during menopause as compared to their menstrual phase too. The only way that it can be differentiated is how erratic they can be.

During this time, it becomes very important to take dietary supplements as well as the necessary mineral and vitamins, which help the body to cope with changes. Menopause is a very personal experience and different women experience different symptoms. For many, it may be a very smooth ride (these are the ones, who have normally had very easy childbirths). For others, it can be a very harrowing experience.

Some other must do's during the menopause phase of your life are to take care of your diet. Consult a nutritionist, if required, and take foods that give you vitamins, anti oxidants, minerals and more. Exercise and relaxation is a must during this period to help you cope with the annoying symptoms. Exercise helps you remain active and peppy and relaxation calms you down and takes away the discomforts caused by hot flashes and mood swings. Relaxation techniques like massage, warm bath, walking, listening to music etc. can do wonders for you.

Hormone therapy has been used for years to help women when their hormone levels fluctuate, but you will want to investigate their safety, as one type recently was reported to increase incidence of disease. Natural progesterone and estrogen cream are homeopathic alternatives that have a large following. Whatever you do, try to embrace this time as a new stage in your life. You will be able to deal with it more successfully if your attitude is positive overall.

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