8 Yoga And Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips To Make You Feel Your Best

By- Manmohan Singh

In this fast-paced lifestyle, the one thing that is going haywire is our lifestyle. We usually find it hard to wake-up without feeling tired. Even the sleep is quite restless for some of us owing to which we feel lethargic and crashed up during the day. The helter-skelter of life leaves us with no time for self-care, energy boost-up, and re-balancing of the body. The energy boost is definitely required after the day-long mental, physical and emotional struggles, and with the 5000 years old practice of Ayurveda and Yoga, we can get back our being in sync.

The ancient holistic practice of Yoga and Ayurveda is the key to good health and a better life and is aimed at making you feel your best the entire day. To tune with nature’s cycle and align your system properly, Ayurvedic and Yoga tradition recommends a regimen to follow that is termed as ‘Dincharya’.

So here we are mentioning the simple and beneficial Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

  • The Ambrosial Hour
    When you sleep on time, your body automatically gets charged up and lets you wake on time as well. According to Ayurveda, the ideal time to wake up is pre-dawn. You can also rise with the sun. Predawn is also considered auspicious and is dominated by Vata dosha- subtle energy that helps to get out of bed easily. Waking up after the sunrise, a time dominated by Kapha dosha makes you feel sluggish. As you wake up, stretch your body and drink at least one glass of water (prefer lukewarm). The process activates the internal organs and supports proper functioning of it. It also helps to have a smooth bowel movement.
  • Clear the Stomach
    Empty your colon and eliminate toxins and other water from the body through urination and anal excretion. Go easy with the natural process and do not hold the pressure to prevent imbalance in the body functioning. Your digestion should be in good condition for the overall well-being.
  • Rinse and Cleanse for Better Health
    Performing cleansing techniques are required to get rid of germs, dust, and congestion that build-up overnight. So it is recommended to perform Shat Kriyas- Jal Neti for nasal cleaning, eye and face cleaning. You can learn these kriyas under the guidance of an expert during Yoga teacher training Nepal or India. The next step is to work towards maintaining the mount hygiene. Brush your teeth; you can even use a twig for cleaning your teeth. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper and work to get rid of the build up plaque. Tongue health is important for healthy digestion where the good condition of teeth prevents heart diseases.