Connection between Ayurveda and Yoga

By : Sergey Medvedev

Ayurveda is connected to yoga. But, not that yoga, which seems to be a set of strange poses and exercises. In reality, yoga isn't just physical exercises, it requires spiritual progress. In Hindi, yoga means "connection", which directs our mind in the right direction and control our emotions.

Those, who think that just by practicing a set of difficult physical exercises, they achieve a state of enlightenment, are deeply mistaken. Working with the body is only the first step on the way to spiritual progress. When one controls the functions of one's organism, he prepares himself for the transformation of the soul.

Yoga is only a part of Ayurveda, one of the steps to achieving a righteous way of life. Practicing only yoga will give results and will have a good effect on the organism, but the meaning of "lifestyle" is a lot wider.

A set of physical exercises, meditation exercises, aroma therapy, diagnostics by the pulse, Ayurvedic recipes, individual mineral additives and other food additives - all these are bricks of a beautiful and slender building, which we know as Ayurveda.

This is the way, which is hard to finish for many people. Everyone has a chance to get an experience on the way to perfection of body and soul.

Sergey Medvedev is an author and publisher of Ayurvedic books, magazines and other publications in Russian language. He is interested in co-operation with Ayurvedic and Yoga organizations for popularizing these ancient sciences in Russia. He can be contacted at ''

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