Ayurveda and Vegetarianism

By- Sergey Medvedev

This disposition is a good example of Ayurveda's patient opinion towards people's weaknesses. If it is hard for a person to overcome his habits, which affect his life very strongly, there are ways to change the liking of meat. Ayurveda says that the transition to healthy eating should be slow, not right away.

First, you can take antitoxic preparations, which help neutralize and clean the organism of toxins that are in meat. Then, instead of eating beef and pork, you can eat the meat of wild animals (buffalo, deer) and fish, which is cleaner ecologically.

Of course, you should slowly stop eating them after a certain time. By the rules of Ayurveda, a person has to keep in mind that, when he eats meat, he becomes a living tomb for animals, as Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer, said. Thus, he is partly responsible for the suffering and killing of a living thing.

Whatever happens, it is better to slowly transit to more calm and soft products, which don't have very big karma reactions: first, fish and sea products, and then, cheese, curd, and plant food (vegetables, grains, and so on). Ideally, Ayurveda supports lacto-vegetarianism, which supports its philosophy and principles.

The spectrum of products, which is advised by Ayurvedic cooking, is so large and full of complete proteins, amino-acids and vitamins, that there can not be any talk of not getting enough of something, when you adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Moreover, it doesn't take a lot of time and energy to cook Ayurvedic dishes. Food is cooked very quickly, in order to not destroy the healthy vitamins and minerals.

The process of cooking is combined with prayers or, at least, a good mood. This is a very important condition, because products have the ability to adopt the energy and thoughts of those, who touched them.

Sergey Medvedev is an author and publisher of Ayurvedic books, magazines and other publications in Russian language.He is interested in co-operation with Ayurvedic and Yoga organizations for popularizing these ancient sciences in Russia. He can be contacted at 'seo@vedabook.com'
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Read what others have to say:Meg Elise, a teacher from Seoul, Korea writes - The article at hand may be considered commendable in its gentle, non-dogmatic approach to a currently sensitive issue. Even the very word "patient" is evidenced in the opening statement. In the current world circle of discussion, or in many cases heated debate, this rational, respectful presentation is refreshing. In order to be heard, it seems wisest to meet the other person "where they are", rather than force an opinion. Thus, the suggestion of practical steps towards a vegetarian profile are appropriate and helpful. Further, the article succeeds in raising questions, e.g. 'what is the philosophy of Ayurevdea?' for those interested in pursuing the concept further. Thank you for a clear and inviting presentation.
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