Ayurveda Recipes Generational Treasure

by Bridgette Moptein

Recipes give us a good indication of what life was like for our ancestors because many of them were handed down from generation to generation. Nearly everyone's grandma has handed down a cherished recipe. A lot of children take food for granted and more and more we have embraced take out. Funny, as we get older, we tend to crave the original meals we grew up eating.

People are always looking for good recipes that are quick, easy and authentic. Recipes are well shared and well used and recipe books are frequently used over and over again. This is evident in the sheer volumes of recipe books that are purchased by food lovers every year. Everyday new recipes are created up as we speak. Ever looked at the menu from your favorite coffee house? All those recipes for different types of coffee.

Think about it for a moment. What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? It can't be just any pumpkin pie. It must be from the special recipe you've grown to love. What about the turkey dressing? Would you be able to prepare it, or the yams without recipes? Most likely the answer is no.

The food we eat is very different from our settler ancestors but we still use the same baisc recipes for cooking corn or preparing beef. Just the use of modern technology to cook alters they it's now prepared.

Yet, with all these recipes available, many of us still choose the fast food route. We order dinner, pick it up and we're done. Not the healthiest choice, but it is the way many of us live. Why not change occasionally? It's winter, the whole family is tired of snow, tired of watching TV, and in general bored. Gather the kids, and liven up the day with a baking project. Dig out those old books full of recipes and have some fun. At first, the kids may reject at first, but once the first batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies comes out of the oven, they will be delighted.

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