Antenatal classes to nurture the baby's mind.

Garbhasanskar is a process of nurturing the baby in womb. It is also a process of training the baby as well as mothers mind during pregnancy. The process starts from the stage of planning. Now days, we see maximum 1 or 2 children in a family. Parents take tremendous efforts to nourish their child from the beginning.But is this sufficient? The answer is no. Unless and until there is an inner instinct from the mind of the children to accept and grasp the things which are taught to them, it will not reflect in his qualities.

This is developed during the pregnancy and is based on the effect of surrounding and thoughts and thought process of the mother. The thought process of the mother plays a valuable role in nurturing baby's mind. There for it is suggested for would be mother protect her thought process through out during her pregnancy period. It is suggested to be in a good company which she enjoys. Eat the things which she likes but which are not harm full to the baby. It is also suggested to would be father to take care of the would be mother. Try to keep her happy. It is also suggested to read good books, leave in pleasant home. Work in pleasant surroundings. It is suggested for a would be mother to keep herself away from all the stress. This is because every single thought which comes to the mind makes impact on baby's mind. This is because the mind of baby and the mother is intact and joined with other with. The main requirement to transmit 'good values' is to establish good communication with the baby in the womb.

To develop the desired qualities in the baby every mother should follow the process of garbhasanskar.

As sanskar is a continues process it should be performed in regular intervals. It is suggested to do this sanskars 4 times a week. A unique process of garbhasanskar is developed at Ayushmaan Ayurved center, Pune India. to convey the desired good vqualities and good values of life to the baby during pregnancy. The technique is developed on the base of Yoga-Pranayama- Dhyan- Dharana(Meditation)

These classes are to help a mother to nurture the baby and to implant the desired qualities in her baby.

The process includes a sessions of 30 minutes to 55 minutes. During this meditative session the mother is helped to concentrate on herself and to develop positive thoughts in her mind through a process of positive self talk. A path is also developed to join the minds of mother and baby through a meditation process developed at Ayushmaan. Mind of the mother is trained to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy. The mind is also trained to adopt good thought process.

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These sessions are available both in English and Hindi.

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