8 Ayurvedic Practices That Benefit Your Body and Hair -2

5. Pure Ayurveda is All about Oils

Ayurvedic oils are a central element of pure Ayurveda. From stimulating blood circulation and reducing water retention to lymph drainage and balancing your emotions, an oil massage renders multiple benefits to your mind and body. There are several reasons why a head-to-toe massage is recommended. Pure Ayurvedic rituals such as oil massage stimulate the hair follicles and promote the growth of thick, long, healthy hair when done regularly. Head massage also helps in soothing your nerves, leading to improved concentration, memory and alertness.

A full body massage keeps your body trim, smooth, and rejuvenated, while keeping your limbs supple. Regular oil massage supplemented with Yoga prevents early aging and builds immunity. Oil massage targets several medical symptoms in the body. Most Ayurveda oils are cold-pressed. They are pure and much more beneficial than the chemical-laden oils available in the market. These oils act as detoxifying agents, help in cleansing the colon and are immensely beneficial for the reproductive system as well. Oil massage is especially helpful in alleviating abdominal tumors and uterine fibroid. They also function as anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents, thereby leaving you with succulent, flawless skin.

6. Exercise Regularly

It's not just Ayurveda, but every branch of medicine prescribes regular exercise. Yoga is an integral part of Ayurveda and is often regarded as its sister branch. Various Yoga postures can be practiced to boost your immunity, improve cognitive functions, build muscular strength, improve sexual functioning, enhance beauty by producing collagen, and achieve great skin and hair. If you are new to Yoga, begin with the Surya Namaskar. The multiple asanas give your body a great workout and deliver all the benefits mentioned above.

While Yoga leads to a fulfilling and healthy life, Ayurveda doesn’t prescribe only Yoga, but recommends to indulge in any form of physical activity that gets your muscles moving, releases those all-important endorphins that will make you feel happy and give you that oh-so-desirable, post-workout blush. Jogging, dancing, boxing, swimming, or Yoga, take your pick and enjoy the activity that gets you happy and energetic. Exercise your way to good health, great skin, good hair and immunity.

7. Consume Ayurvedic Oils Orally

If you thought Ayurvedic oils were meant only for massage, think again. Consumption of Ayurvedic oils can channelize the energies of the body, clean out excess pitta from your body, act as a detoxifying agent, strengthen your digestive system, promote sleep, and enhance your overall health. If you can't have a spoonful of these oils, add these oils to warm water and drink this concoction. It will flush out toxins from the body.

8. Breathe Right

Excessive mental and emotional stress can take a toll on your body, skin and hair. Breathing right, along with meditation, can help alleviate stress and keep your hair and skin in good shape. So what is breathing right? According to Ayurveda, yogic breathing involves feeling completely at ease. Place one of your palms on your belly, and the one on your chest. Inhale to fill in your lungs completely and then exhale so that the air moves out in opposite order, with the chest, ribs and belly sinking in.

To Conclude - Ayurveda remains one of the best and most reliable branches of medicine, owing to its holistic approach. Ayurveda promotes beauty and health from the inside and restores calm and balance within your body, while giving you glowing hair and skin on the outside. Make these Ayurvedic practices a part of your daily life to keep yourself fit, fine, happy and healthy.

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