Eye Care According to Age -Part 2

By- Dr. Nikhil Baxi

Season wise Eye Care:

During summers and winters protect the eyes from intense sun by wearing protective sunglasses as the ultra violet (UV) rays may damage the cornea. The glasses should be UV safe and fit the eyes as close as possible, keep eyes cool by splashing cold water 3-4 times in a day. Place rose water soaked cotton or cucumber on the eyes for cooling effect. During rainy season take care to prevent the eyes from water borne diseases.

Day to day Eye Care:

Eye care in children:
Every child need to have a full eye examination before the school starts, and regularly thereafter. Fortunately, in most cases, there is nothing wrong but rarely conditions like long-sightedness, shortsightedness, errors in anyone eye, and many more eye diseases, can be noticed. If these are not recognized and treated as early as possible can cause vision damage. Here are some guidelines, which may help prevent your child from any kind of eye injuries.

Choose toys that are safe for your children according to their age. Watch your children while at play, and guide them with activities that are safe and yet pleasant. Pelting stones, throwing sharp objects, punching etc during the play may cause serious injuries, which should be avoided. Detergents, disinfectants and other such chemicals should be kept out of children?s reach. Children should always be escorted to play with fireworks, which are dangerous.

Eye exercises, if done daily, are a gentle and effective way to prevent vision problems from developing. They are especially recommended for children.

Eye care in Adults:

Always wash eyes with cold water only. Protect the eyes from severe sun, heat, dust and smoke. Use protective eyeglasses while driving. It is best to avoid poor light when reading or using computers or watching professionals should take care as to the screen of the computer should not be above or below the level of the eyes, Use protective screen t computer or eye protective glasses to avoid intense radiation effect of computer. Look away from the screen at least once in an hour. Eye treatments like Netratarpana (retention of medicines over the eyes for up to 30 minutes for treating strain to the eyes, improve eye sight, strengthen the optic nerve and to prevent different eye diseases) and performing Padabhynaga (Foot massage) will also strengthen eyesight. Yogic postures that strengthen the eyes include the Bhujangasana, Shavasana and Surya Namaskara is also helpful.

Palming is one of the simple ways of protecting your eyes. Gently rub the palms of both hands for about 30 seconds, close the eyes and place the warm palms over the eyes, repeat this whenever the eyes are strained.

Tratak - in this a candle is placed at an arm's distance in level with eyes, and steadily gazed with the eyes open, staring should be done till there is watering from the eyes. Then close the eyes and rest. One can repeat the process for 3-4 times. Relax your breath during the procedure. This improves eyesight and visualization abilities and also helps in developing concentration.

Eye care in Old Age:

People suffering with hyper tension or who are diabetic should have more routine checkups since they are more likely to develop certain eye diseases, if neglected the damage may be too great to reverse.

Panchakarma for Eye care:
Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures like (Shirobasti), Padabhynaga (Foot massage), Nasya (instillation of medicines in the nostrils), Pichu (eye pads), Tarpana and Putapaka (Retaining of medication above the eyes) are useful.

Home Remedies for certain Eye Conditions:

  • Conjunctivitis: Amla is exceptional in treating ocular problems. It can bring relief in both Conjunctivitis and Glaucoma. A decoction prepared from Coriander can be used as eyewash for people with conjunctivitis. There will be immediate reduction in the burning, redness and swelling of the eyes
  • Burning sensation pricking sensation in eyes: Soak a cotton pad in rose water, milk or Aloe Vera juice and apply to closed eyes for about 10-20 minutes. OR 5 drops of each Castor oil and Milk should be mixed well in the palms and applied above and around the eyes.
  • Stressed and Dry skin around the eyes: A drop of Almond oil gently rubbed above and under the eyes keeps the skin smooth, Regular application is a good preventive measure. Jasmine, Marigold taken as a cold infusion for washing eyes brings about cooling effect.
  • Redness of the eyes: Application of a paste of Sandal and milk, milk with castor oil helps.
  • Chandrodaya varti is one important Ayurvedic preparation used in eye care. It is made into a paste in water and then applied externally over the eyes in cases of allergic conjunctivitis and cataract.
  • Combination of Triphala + Ghee + Honey and Saptamruta Loha are used as eye tonics in many diseases.
  • Applying few drops of almond, coconut or sesame oil around the eyes prevents dark circles.
  • Application of 1- 2 drops of pure ghee or medicated oil like Anu taila in each nostrils will help to improve eyesight
Thus with the support of Ayurveda together with simple changes will help you protect your eyes in the long run; hence as per the golden rule prevention is always better than cure.

Take care of your eyes, remember, you only get one pair!

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Author of this article is Dr. Nikhil Baxi, M.D. (AYURVED), PGPP (Panchkarma), PUNE .He can be contacted at- nikhil24j @ gmail.com