Need for online education program in Ayurveda

By - Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade,
Chairman, International Academy of Ayurveda,
Pune, India

The popularity of Ayurveda is growing all over the world. International Academy of Ayurveda which was established hardly decade ago has now affiliated centres all over the world. In USA alone now there are more than 20 Institutions which are imparting Ayurvedic education in various states. Same is the case with other European Countries. IAA is conducting various courses like basic, advanced practical training etc. since last few years and the demand is ever increasing even from far away countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina etc. also

However not all the interested persons can join these Institutions physically due to lack of time the distance they have to travel and the money they have to spend for learning Ayurveda. Many physicians, scientists, and even house wives have expressed their view that they would like to study Ayurveda from their home and want to increase their knowledge of this great healing system to help themselves as well as others. By learning Ayurvedic principles one can remain healthy, can increase his or her longevity and can even get rid of minor ailments without the help of physicians.

IAA is receiving many inquiries regarding the availability of online Ayurvedic education program for the Basic principles. Myself and my wife we travel more than 100,000 miles every year for the propagation of Ayurveda in several countries and we are doing this job since last 25 years. Many students and enthusiastic persons have repeatedly requested to us that we should start the online education program for Ayurveda. Few years back we had one Pilot from British Airways who came to study Ayurveda with IAA. He also said that there is big demand for online education course in Ayurveda.

Since Ayurveda is professional science ultimately all the students must learn this healing science by examining patients, by observing various practical things. But the basic course in Ayurveda can be taught by the online education method, since it only involves with basic principles of Ayurveda. Hence we are introducing this course through both the websites. ( and Https://

There is difference between reading online e books and taking online course. After reading the book there is no body to answer your queries. In online Ayurveda course after going through the material of the course, the student has to learn the subject matter properly so that he can answer all the questions given at the end of each chapter. These answers will be evaluated by the knowledgeable person from the faculty of International Academy of Ayurveda. If he has any queries these will be answered by the faculty members. Thus we will make it sure that the student undergoing the online basic course of Ayurveda has understood the subject matter properly. The student will find this course very easy. After completion, IAA will issue certificate, which is pre-requisite for attending all the advance Ayurveda courses like Advanced clinical training in Ayurveda, Herbology, Panchakarma, Massage, Marma Massage etc.

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