Best Yoga to Lose Stomach Fat

By- Lavera Stewart

The use of yoga to reduce belly fat has peaked in recent times. Although many people do not yet understand how to lose belly fat without surgical intervention, yoga for weight loss offers a cheaper alternative.

Yoga consists of a series of physical exercises designed specifically to benefit both physically and mentally. Previously, it used to be a less venturesome field. But in the advent of present-day lifestyle diseases, yoga practice has been on the increase. Health practitioners and nutritionists have prescribed it numerous times to obese people to lose belly fat. Perhaps this is why people are stuck on looking for lifestyle options. One of the most daunting health-related questions today is how to lose belly fat. After debates all over the globe, the practice of yoga for weight loss has received accreditation as a super method to achieve great results. So what role does yoga play in helping reduce belly fat?

How to Use Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

   The physiology behind the use of yoga in belly fat reduction is simple. Yoga, as an exercise, is a physically intense process. It has an associated calorie requirement that can only be achieved by preferentially burning belly fats. Belly fats fall culprit in this degradation process. Some forms of yoga are better at burning belly fat than others. Depending on the environment they are practiced, the fat-burning ability of various yoga exercises differs. For maximum benefit in burning belly fat, a humid, warm environment is preferred. It has been shown to burn more calories than yoga in other conditions.

Best Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

   As aforementioned, some yoga practices have more belly fat burning potency than others. The efficacy of the training also depends on the simulation of the environment. But for a start, here are some well-known yoga poses that help reduces belly fat

Apart from keeping a healthy, organic, and balanced diet, introduce these food items to your diet to beat the winters:

1. Warrior Posewarrior pose
The warrior pose is a dynamic asana in the attempt to slough off fat from legs, hips and belly. It is intended to challenge the muscles as well, and a great result awaits those who give it a go. To perform it, the yogi has to step wide — about four feet apart. The right knee is placed such that it is bending to about 1200, while the waist is rotated clockwise. Hands are held above the head and spread out, while the back is stretched in a concavity. The yogi is expected to hold a few breaths between relaxations from the pose.

2. Downward Dog with a Kick
This is usually a pose meant for the burning of belly fats, fats in the upper body, and the building of abdominal muscles. As the name seemingly suggests, the pose is derived from the dog gait. The yogi starts the yoga pose on all fours and then draws the limbs together to force the body into a characteristic triangular appearance. The yogi then has to pull back one leg, flex it at the knee and bring it towards the body. For maximal effect, this is encouraged for about ten times, after which the other leg is engaged. Some people have reported significant results after this yoga pose, reducing their belly fat in a couple of weeks.

3. Boat PoseBoat pose
The boat pose is probably what clicks into many people's minds when yoga is mentioned. It is one of the best yoga poses known to strengthen abdominal muscles and reduce belly fat. If anyone peeks at you inquiring how to lose belly fat, tell them to learn the boat pose. In this particular pose, the yogi starts the pose at a sitting position. They then elevate the legs a little off the ground. With the arms spread out to the flanks, the yogis are to bring their hands to the front, as if attempting to touch the toes. The sitting at this point is left to the bones of the buttocks. This pose is to be repeated for about 10 minutes with pauses in between.

How Often Should You Do Yoga to Lose Weight?
Since yoga is an excellent prescription for belly fat reduction with no dangerous side effects, it has been taken at the dosage of ‘as needed.' Most yoga experts propose about three to five times a week, for about an hour daily for efficient reduction of belly fat. More or less of this would depend on how committed you are to the program, and how faster or slower you want it to be. It is an extremely tiresome practice, but the goal is always worth the toil. And probably, an equally important mention is that while using yoga to reduce belly fat, it is imperative to avoid junk food. Junk food has been associated with excessive belly fat accumulation.

Conclusion - The practice of yoga has proved to be a great relief in managing the many cases of obesity and belly fat. There are lots of other management options, ranging from medical to surgical interventions. But the cheapest, most reliable, convenient and trusted method so far is yoga. That is the reason why practitioners and nutritionists are the first in line to prescribe this yoga for weight loss!

Lavera Stewart is a yoga and nutrition expert, who is passionate about exploring and writing about healthy food habits, yoga-related stuff, and a variety of other different topics. For many years she is a professional yoga trainer who imparts knowledge to her students from the lessons she gained through her personal experience.