Get Rid of Smoking through Hypnosis

by Paul Segnate

Smokers use various methods for getting out of their unhealthy habit. While some take medicines others find nicotine substitutes quite helpful. Surprisingly, some manage to drop their habit quite effortlessly.

However, another route to quit smoking has been found in hypnosis. But the real question is, does it actually work?

What hypnosis is

Hypnosis is a method by which the mind is brought to the state of total relaxation so that it becomes open to suggestion. It cuts out extraneous thoughts and creates a sort of altered state in the mind.

Achieving this state of a calm using breathing and visualization techniques, the hypnotist puts new ideas across to the patient to discourage smoking. They could be ideas about the benefits of quitting. Or about the health hazards of not quitting. But the outcome is that the old patterns of thinking are disrupted with newer, better suggestions.

The new ideas planted in the patient's subconscious have a double benefit. They help the person to relax and at the same time give the courage of conviction to resist the temptation of smoking.

For some, it takes more than one session to create long lasting changes, buy hypnosis is proven to work in many cases of smokers that want to quit.

Hypnosis! the Myth

The myth that hypnosis is a remedy for the ills of cigarette smoking is just that! a myth. Hypnosis just spurs the urge to transform destructive behavior patterns into constructive ones. It can help to bring about a change in thinking. But you need to be sure you act as you think -- to redirect the urge to smoke. And bring some changes to your lifestyle.

The best way to go about it is to incorporate hypnosis as part of your overall quit-smoking program. Combining it with other methods, you can achieve you goal and quit forever. It will also help to do things you find relaxing in the day. Especially when you want to analyze your feelings about smoking. And want to come up with alternative ways to reinforce a smoke-free life.

In addition, you can try self-hypnosis.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and play a relaxing music CD. Close your eyes and relax your body completely and think about what you want. Focus on your objectives to be healthy and free of smoking. You can give auto-suggestions by repeating these thoughts. After some time, open your eyes slowly.

It's'sreally that simple. All you need to do is repeat this process on a regular basis, which will help you come up with new responses to old situations that led you to smoke in the first place.

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