Sleeping 8 Hours Kills You Faster

By- Kacper Postawski

A recent study done by the University of California and the shocking finding of it: "People who sleep 8 hours or more have a 50% higher mortality (death) rate than people who sleep less." Yes, it's true that such a study was carried out, in fact in a moment I will give you a link to a short 2 page report on the entire study so you can read about it for yourself, and view the results of it.

However, does this mean that sleeping longer will create a higher chance of death and disease for you?

No. There's no solid proof for that, but as you read about this study, and if you've read the two free chapters I sent you from our Powerful Sleep eBook, you might have realized the connection between less sleep, your daily energy levels, and the strength of your immune system.

As you might notice, it's during deep sleep that your body undergoes major physiological changes to repair your muscles, power up your immune system and replenish your energy.

The question really isn't "how long should I sleep?" The question really is...

"How can I optimize my sleep system to gain POWERFUL and QUALITY sleep."

You see, there is a difference between quantity, and quality. The problem, and the challenge is that most people don't understand sleep. They think sleep is a very basic thing that happens to us every night. I mean, think about it, we sleep, we wake up, and we magically feel refreshed, right? Because of this misunderstanding, many people live today with very out of balance sleeping systems that are deprive you of your energy, without even being aware of it.

Sleep is actually quite a complex and fascinating system. Here, briefly, are the effects of sleeping longer:

Sleeping longer than you need to will weaken your sleep system, as you reduce your prior wakefulness, exposure to sunlight, activity levels, and your body temperature at a low for too long.As a result, your melatonin hormone levels will stay high longer, you'll be more tired and drowsy during the day

When you sleep for long periods of time, your body temperature doesn't rise as quickly in the morning. This results in feeling very drowsy and tired for the early part of your day. If you stay inactive, this body temperature pattern will lead to poor sleep, which will prevent you from sleeping deeply.

This weakened sleep system and inability to get proper restful and energizing sleep creates low energy levels and a weakened immune system.

People usually sleep longer because their sleeping system is not being taken proper care of. They feel low on energy during the day, and think they need more sleep. In actuality, they feel low on energy because they have a weak sleep system, not because they're sleeping too little.

If you're currently sleeping around 8 to 10 hours and you feel LOW on energy during the day, it's not because you need more sleep. YOU NEED LESS SLEEP, and MORE ENERGY from your sleep.

Sleeping less actually INCREASES the strength of your sleeping system. The problem is, most people don't know anything about proper sleep system hygiene, or how to strengthen their inner sleep system. Only with the proper knowledge can you learn to optimize and strengthen your sleeping system, to have more energy and a higher level of health. Only once you've optimized your sleeping system for maximum performance can you reduce your sleep.

About The Author: Kacper Postawski is an innovative sleep science researcher and the creator of the “Powerful Sleep - Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock” system on He can show you how to reduce your sleep by up to 3 hours, create more time, and an abundance of energy in your body by sleeping LESS! Not more. He dispels the "8 hour sleep myth”" tells you what most people never realize about sleep, and what the drug companies DONT WANT YOU to know.
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