5 Ayurveda Remedies to Help Fight Addiction

By:Lee Flynn

According to Psychology Today, "addiction" occurs when a pleasurable substance or activity becomes compulsive to the point where it creates cravings.

In this way, explains Natural Awakenings Magazine, an addiction can at first seem like an easy remedy for life's daily stressors!

In this post, learn about five remedies available through Ayurveda, the ancient system of Eastern holistic medicine.

Remedy 1: Use herbal treatments to rid the body of toxins
In the Ayurvedic system, "ama" is the word used to denote built-up toxins in the body system. Addiction to any substance, whether it is food, tobacco, alcohol, sugar or something else, can cause ama to form.
According to Ayurvedic Science, ayurvedic health recognizes a number of herbal remedies to detoxify the body: holy basil, bacopa monnieri, centella asiatica, ashwgandha, mucuna pruriens and triphla.
Safety note: As with any new supplement, it is always a good idea to talk with your doctor and treatment team just to make sure there are no known interactions with any existing medicines you may be taking for other health issues.

Remedy 2: Eat (and live) according to your predominant dosha
In the Ayurvedic tradition, the body system is made up of three different energies, or "doshas," that work together to maintain health. Some people have more of one energy than the others, leading to different health issues. The three doshas are data, pitta and kappa.
Vata is said to be the movement energy in the body that controls circulation and the central nervous system. Pitta represents the body's metabolic energy that controls digestion and body temperature. Kapha is the body's growth energy that controls immune system function.
Working with an Ayurvedic practitioner can help you identify your predominant dosha and align your diet and daily habits for optimal health.

Remedy 3: Ayurvedic herbal pills to quit smoking
Ayurvedic remedies for quit smokingBeing able to stop smoking is one of the most challenging of all addictions. Ayurvedic Home Remedies recommends making your own anti-tobacco pills using this recipe:
Mix musli (chlorphytum borivillianum), majuphal (quercus infectoria oliv.), lodh pathani, bibhitak, bheda bark (terminalia bellirica), black betel nut flowers and a bit of milk.
Combine ingredients and then form the mix into small pills (each about the size of the tip of the pinky finger). Take one pill as needed to control urges to smoke.
This remedy can also be used in combination with an e cigarette starter kit to steadily reduce the dependency on nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco. Many former smokers have weaned themselves off nicotine with the help of e-cig liquid, which doesn't even have to include any nicotine but still gives the calming sensation of "smoking."

Remedy 4: Reduce intake of processed foods
Ayurveda emphasizes the detoxifying benefits of consuming a whole foods diet. A proper and balanced diet that is naturally addictive-fighting should include all of the following: organic fruits and vegetables, daily intake of sufficient spring water, lean proteins, moderate intake of healthy fats that contain Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and proper supplementation with Ayurvedic herbs as needed.

Remedy 5: Take up yoga
Finally, Ayurveda as a holistic health system was always designed to be used in concert with yoga, a physical system of total body detox and health. This way, daily exercise helps the body continue to eliminate toxins while promoting positive mood, lower stress levels and good sleep.
Different postures are beneficial for different issues, and today's yoga makes plentiful use of props so the poses can be adapted as needed for different levels of strength and flexibility.

By following the ancient system of Ayurvedic holistic medicine, it becomes possible to turn your back on addiction and cravings and return to a simpler, healthier way of life. With the help of Ayurveda, you will learn how to manage your stress in healthier ways.

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