Does Red Wine do Any Good to our Mental Health?

By- Andrew Russell

Red wine has a few physical health benefits as many researchers have revealed, but is there any mental health benefits associated with it? Red wine is primarily an alcoholic beverage, even though the percentage of alcohol content in it is largely lesser compared to other alcoholic beverages. Irrespective of the country or region, you can surely find wine enthusiasts at all parts of the world.

Red wine Benefits   Red wine develops it's bright red color as being fermented from the grape skin. Mankind is making red wines of various types for many centuries now. However, as a rule of thumb, there is a big risk always as alcoholic drinks may lead to addiction and this will end up in losing sanity. Even though this is the case, the time has proven that the less risky beverage of wine has many health benefits.
Many of the doctors also attest that moderate drinking of red wine as a glass a day can benefit your physical as well as mental health. This also serves as the secret behind some individuals to their longevity, but this, however, owes to moderation. In fact, even medicine in too much quantity is harmful to health.

Mental health benefits of consuming one glass of wine a day
It seems there is less information only on the internet about the mental health benefits of moderate wine use. Here we are trying to list out some positive impact of wine on mental health, but remember, the key is moderation.

Red wine promotes better sleep
It is found that grapes, from which red wines as listed at Sokolin Wines are fermented, have richer melatonin content. Melatonin plays a crucial role in sleep health. This hormone can signal your body that you need more rest to regain strength, which will further help you gain sound sleep.
Our body also releases melatonin at a specific time of the day based on your lifestyle. You may have noticed the fact that you are able to wake up at a specific time no matter how much tired you are or whether you went to bed late. This is referred to as the sleep-wake cycle, and melatonin helps regulate it in a balanced way. Proper sleep habit is a crucial element in mental health maintenance.

Red wine Reduce depression
Drinking one glass of wine a day, especially at night at dinner time, after a hectic day's work, may help in shedding off all the accumulated stress and help reduce depression. Alcohol at a minimal quantity has a relaxing capability, and wine can be the best choice to make for this effect. The soothing silky texture and sweetness of red wine will all contribute to its antidepressant characteristics. However, n the other hand, consumption of too much alcoholic beverages can simply create the opposite impact.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s
Another natural element present in Red wine is resveratrol which helps in repairing the damages in blood-brain barriers and help reinstate proper blood circulation to the brain. This further helps to slow down the attack of Alzheimer’s disease on our brain. Resveratrol is found to ensure the longevity of brain cells and also serves as an antioxidant to protect the body and decrease the risk of falling prey to any diseases like cancer or heart failure.

Better brain health
Red wine has the ability to stimulate the brain cells and equip them to work much harder and make the cells more receptive to neural signals. Some studies have also proved the fact that the perception of consumption of wine is directly proportionate to the relative effects of it as the brain is the same center which is creating the experience of taste.

Help reduces stress
As we had seen above while discussing wine's ability to reduce depression, a fine glass of wine daily has a positive impact on reducing stress, especially whole clubbed with your dinner. It is the impact of resveratrol again which helps you gain this effect. Red wine does have a soothing effect, so you may naturally feel less stressed and anxious after a shot. It also boosts your blood circulation and nervous system, which may help you feel rejuvenated.
In addition to all these, we usually drink a glass of wine with those whom we love as our family, friends, which also will contribute towards relieving stress through socializing. In general gatherings too, a glass of wine may help reduce our intimidation and enhance our self-confidence and social skills.
Considering these factors, red wine has many mental health benefits too; however, moderation is the key factor while thinking of wine consumption for a better living. IT should be in our knowledge as to how much is considered to be good enough as too little or too much of anything may have an adverse impact on our life. So, one should be able to identify that thin line between the advantages and disadvantages, and we should always stick to it in order be a balance.

Andrew Russell is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. He also manages his blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources. You can visit Sokolin Wines for more information.