Pilates - effective workout routine

By- Havard Delcao

Pilates is a workout routine that can get your body in shape - tone and muscle, with very little effort. Pilates are ideal for people who have very little time but really want to have a good looking and toned body. All that you require is to follow an exercise and workout routine for half an hour a day, thrice in a week. Many celebrities vouch for Pilates, even if the claim of the exercise program may seem overblown and slightly exaggerated. Despite all the controversy surrounding Pilates, it is an effective workout routine.

Regularly practicing Pilates increases flexibility of the body and helps lengthen muscles, actually giving you a leaner look. This is why Pilates was originally developed as an exercise form to increase muscle strength for strenuous performances. Pilates is enjoyable and shows better results making you wonder why you bothered about going to the gym earlier and torturing yourself with all those pull ups and push ups.

What is Pilates about? This exercise form is a combination of power, flexibility and balance and is composed of different levels, which you can attain at your pace. As in yoga, it needs balance and involves stretches, pulls and resistance against your bodyweight. The leg lifts and arm circles that it requires seem easy, but once you do them they actually have you perspiring.

Pilates besides working on different parts of the body also works on and strengthens your abdomen, midsection and lower back muscles. Hence, like yoga, the Pilates exercise routine is very good for muscle tone and strength.

Pilate routines are available on DVDs and videos; you can follow the instructions and include the routine in your daily exercise schedule. You can even buy different Pilate routines to bring some variety to your workout routine. Or you could even take classes with any of the public or private gyms in your city.

Pilates exercises do seem difficult at first. Even though you may consider yourself fit and strong, they make your body feel sore and tested and at times you can actually feel your muscles tremble. That is because you are exercising muscles that you normally do not.

Pilates strive to strengthen your muscles and you will find that even after two weeks of Pilates, you will feel stronger and the pain in your joints and muscles will reduce making you more comfortable.

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