Green Healing: Amazing health benefits of being in nature

By- Olivia Thomas

When was the last time you took a peaceful stroll in the nature that left you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated?
If you have to think hard, then you are truly missing out on a remarkably effective yet simple way of healthy living which is green healing .

Studies reveal that our gradual separation from clean air and green surroundings is at the crux of onset of major bodily malaise. But how can something as simple as being in nature add on years to your life?

Being out in the nature guarantees one thing above all, and that is that you get some exercise. Our generation is chronically sedentary. Going outdoors will ensure, least of all, that you get those muscles working out. It also gets you closer to breathing cleaner and fresher air. The air that we breathe usually is dangerously contaminated with pollutant gases, automotive exhausts, and toxic metals. Even our indoor air is rife with toxic elements such as cigarette smoke, radon gas, mites & fungus. This is why regular outings to unpolluted green arenas are vital.

Green healing also helps in ensuring a regular boost of vitamin D. This essential nutrient is vital to several bodily functions such as muscle and bone growth, higher immunity, healthy fetal development, along with stronger teeth and improved circulation. It is also quite beneficial for better eyesight too. Additionally, green healing has proven benefits over our mental health as it helps decrease stress, improve sleep, and combat depression.

In a nutshell, it can be easily stated that green healing comes with a host of unmatched health benefits. All of these amazing bodily changes can be experienced without shelling a single penny from your pocket. The nature is out there to help you bounce back to health and happiness. All you need to do is go out and gain as much freshness and longevity from the nature as possible.

Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature

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