By- Dr. Avnish Upadhyay

Indians believe that the cow’s milk is sacred, as well as the cow. They regard the cow as mother. Cow is not only helpful by providing milk, but it is also the Most Divine species with Divine qualities. Cow is the fortune for home as well as Nation. There is no other species which is as charitable as the cow. The cow fills up its stomach with the grass grown here and there and also the remains of food and it finally digests all of them and provide us with milk. Milk is actually Amrut.

Caws milk, its products, Gomutra and Gomaya. These all are helpful to man in one way or the other.

Ayurveda considers that milk is helpful for the growth of the body and Jeevan shakti. Amongst all the milks. Cows milk is considered to be the most important and Sacred.


The cow milk gives mental and physical strength. Amongst milk cow’s milk is favorable.

|| Amrutam vai gavam ksheeramithyaha tridashadhipaha||
||Tasmat dadati yo dhenum amrutam sa prayachati ||

Indra, the lord of heaven, has said that cow’s milk is nectar. So, one gifting a cow makes a gift of nectar only.

Qualities of cow’s milk

|| Swadu sheetam mrdu snigdhan bahulam slakshna pichilam||
||Gurumandam prasannam cha gavyam dashagunam payaha ||  Cha. Su. 27

Sweetness, coldness, softness, unctousness, density, smoothness, slimeness, heaviness, slowness, clarity.

The above mentioned properties are also properties of Ojas. So milk having identical properties is conducive to the promotion of Ojas. Thus, milk is an elixir par excellence.

Cow’s milk promotes long life, is rejuvenator, good for those emaciated after injury (especially to the chest), increases intelligence. Strength and breast milk, helps easy movement of the bowels and cures exhaustions. Dizziness, toxivity, inauspiciousness, dyspnoea, cough, severe thirst and hunger, long standing fever, dysurea and bleeding diseases.

Use of Cow’s milk

Cows milk is favorable for heart, Cow’s milk increases the Strength of the body. Cow’s milk increases the lifespan of human beings and reduces the Tridoshas. Cow’s milk is also good because this include A.B.C. and D vitamins. When the seeds are cultured is cow’s milk and sown the yield got by such seeds is better and more nutritious.

Dr. Avnish Upadhyay, BAMS, PGDCR is a Research Scientist (Ayurveda & Yoga) from Karnal, Haridwar. He can be contacted at - avnishdr @yahoo.co.in
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