Five Steps to Lifelong Health

 by Perry Stamide

Only five steps to lifelong health?

The FITFIVE program has been created with busy people in mind - and using the latest scientific research - to help you and your kids to health. It's an online health & fitness program, for at-home use with kids between ages 1-14. Simply log on, register and pay for your choice of program, and begin the path towards health.

Educating kids about a healthy lifestyle is a nonstop job and a big responsibility since at least 45 adult disorders and bad habits can be traced to the 5 most common childhood disorders.

WHO can help with this?
The FITFIVE program. :-)

WHAT do you need to know?
The program contains all the information you need - nutritional advice, simple exercises, tips on common disorders, postural advice and information about establishing a regular fun easy-to-use program.
It contains 155 unique animated exercises, and 111 important easy-to-read questions & answers, as well as 222 easy-to-follow tips and useful advice.

WHY is it important?
Children's hidden talents can be brought out if you incorporate daily exercise, nutritional choices, and positive thinking into their lifestyles to enable their minds and bodies to develop properly.
Don't forget: a healthy childhood is the secret to becoming a successful adult!
FITFIVE is like brushing your teeth: your children need it every day!

HOW can you teach a healthy lifestyle to your kids?
The exercises are grouped according to problems and age: FITFIVE exercises can be performed AT HOME: there is no need to buy expensive equipment, all you need is a sport mat.

WHEN is the right time to teach a healthy lifestyle to your kids?
It is best to start when children are young and learning good habits is easiest. But even if your child is older, it's never too late to improve their health.
You can use the program in several ways according to your needs - to target a health issue you know about, to spring your kids into action instead of lazing around, as a complete daily training program, or to supplement particular needs for an already sporty child.

If you know a child with flat feet, bad posture, asthma, allergies, poor vision, bad diet or a lack of energy there are specific ways to help them, guided by the team of professionals who are on hand, only an email away.

The FITFIVE team hopes to encourage the use of this program to raise a new generation of healthier, happier kids all over the globe. They also have an affiliate scheme if you want to help promote this, by adding a banner to your blog or website or becoming a partner to the scheme.

Let's face it, many of us did not learn how exactly to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits and routines into our everyday life when it should have been the easiest to learn: during childhood.

Take a look at the FITFIVE free demo and see whether you, as parents, grandparents, babysitter or carer could help a child or children to a healthier future.

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