Diabetes! Why Must So Many Children Suffer?

By- Martin Grandley

Diabetes is a lifelong battle against the ups and downs of the body's metabolism of sugar. And while it can be managed with medication and diet, the new trend of adolescent and younger aged children cases is alarming.

Children are less active nowadays than in the past and this has led to health problems including obesity which is linked to Diabetes.

Inactivity leads to Obesity

Being overweight doesn't help. The extra burden those extra pounds put on your body weaken its response and ability to handle stress. And this kind of stress increases manifold, especially when your body is still growing, and is yet to achieve full size.

These extra pounds come from a life of physical inactivity in children, too much time sitting at the computer and at meals is taking its toll in increased weight. Children's bodies, already hampered by excess weight, have no way, therefore, to cope with their diets, rich in fat and sugar. Very simply put, the body cannot metabolize, or burn, these high levels of fat and sugar, causing an imbalance that leads to diabetes in so many children.

Diet playes the key role

We live in a highly processed and sugared society where life doesn't stop for home-cooked dinners and brown bag lunches. We live on easy to cook and carry food items that include more fat and sugar than the fruits and vegetables of our past diets.

This can place a tremendous pressure on the body. Like the camel who can take only so many straws, the body can, and will tolerate many elements of stress. But like the camel with the last straw that broke his back, too many stresses interfere with the normal functioning of vital organs, the liver and pancreas. The result -- disease, maybe even partial or total dysfunction.

Genes that you don't want to wear

Children will be children so to blame them entirely would be wrong. A lot also depends on the environment in which they grow up. If they are exposed to an unhealthy environment, there is a likelihood of them developing Diabetes and other health problems.

Families need to work together to ensure that family members live healthier lives and keep disease like Diabetes and the like at bay.

Healthy CAN be exciting! Working out is great when everyone in the family does it together. And if you get every single person at home working on finding new ways to prepare nutritious, healthy and mouth-watering meals, you will be surprised at how enthused they get, they'lwill want to contribute to their health!

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