Canadian Pharmacy
Benefits of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

By:Chris Nepaly

In an online Canadian pharmacy, you can get a private and easiest way to purchase over-the-counter and prescription medications at affordable price. Online pharmacies are really very convenient especially if you don't drive, live in rural area or if you are frail, disabled or home-bound. Thanks to the revolution of internet, you can bargain and compare prices easily.

If you feel awkward buying certain health care products or medications from local stores in person, you can buy the same from online pharmacies as anonymous.

If you have any doubt about medications, you can easily consult with an experienced and licensed pharmacist at the comfort of your home, thanks to many reliable online pharmacies in Canada. You may also get product information online from online pharmacies. In addition, they also provide links to other information sources to know everything about your health condition and medications available.

Buying Medications from Online Stores Safely
If you are going to order prescription drugs online, you need to be very careful. In some websites, you are likely to buy medications that are not safe. Some sites may put you at risk by not following legal procedures. Before you hit “Buy” button, here are some tips suggested.

  • For a list of acceptable Canadian Pharmacies, checkout CIPA website. The Certified Canadian International Pharmacy is a Canadian association of licensed and retail pharmacies that has already served over 10 million US patients with a 100% safety record.
  • Find out if the website is licensed at NAPB website. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has around 15 VIPPS certified online pharmacies listed in it. According to NABP, over 99% of online pharmacies they reviewed don't comply with federal and state regulations.
  • Don't choose an online pharmacy which prescribes medications without any physical test
  • Don't buy from a pharmacy online which sells medications which are not FDA approved and medications without prescription from the physician.
  • Only use those pharmacy websites like Canadian pharmacy link which lets you access a licensed pharmacist to clear all of your doubts.
  • Don't buy from online pharmacies that don't provide proper details about the company, including contact number or address in case you have any issue. It is important that the site needs to provide an easiest way to read its security and privacy policies.
  • Stay away from the websites which claim to provide a “new treatment” for any critical health condition or a once-in-for-all cure for huge range of disorders. You may find these sites with some undocumented case histories of many people claiming “great” medical results or “miracle” cures.
  • Don't buy from those sites which claim that the medical profession, government or researchers have planned to suppress the product.
  • Always ask for the products in the original package from the manufacturer. Inspect the packaging and medicine properly after receiving. If you are worried about safety or find anything suspicious, be sure to ask your doctor or a nearest pharmacist before using the product.