Ayurvedic Causes of Diabetes

By- Abhijit Ghosh

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system was very advance, and this can be understood by the works of Acharya Charaka, Sushruta, Vagabhatta and other great scholars. Their guidance and research are still very relevant and helpful in curing diseases naturally. Ayurveda is a blessing in saving us from diseases with no artificial chemicals.

At present 6.30 crore Indians suffers from a lifestyle disease called diabetes or madhumeha. Modern technology and ancient science can be a potent mix in keeping our generation healthy. Ayurveda mentions about madhumeha (sweet urine looks like honey) which is caused by the reasons mentioned below:

  • Asyasukham – a luxurious life style which is sedentary, devoid of physical activities and exercises.
  • Gramya-oudaka-anupa mamsa- which means consuming the flesh, soup, and stew prepared of animals living in water and marshy region.
  • Svapnasukham- excessive sleeping
  • Payamsi- excessive consumption of milk and milk products
  • Dadheeni- excessive consumption of curd and dishes prepared by it.
  • Navaanna panam –dishes prepared with new grains
  • Guda vaikruti- jaggery, its derivatives (sugar) and dishes prepared by it.
  • Kapha krut cha sarvam- all foods and lifestyle that increases kapha.
These reasons, if not taken care of can lead to diabetes. It is also important to look at the body mechanism because our digestive system converts all the food items into glucose and this glucose is absorbed in the body through blood with help of a hormone named insulin.

Medical science divides diabetes in to three categories and they are as follows,

  • Type 1 diabetes- This is insulin dependent diabetes and it occurs due to lack of enough Insulin produced in the body.
  • Type 2 diabetes- this is the most common type of diabetes and it is mostly associated with the lifestyle.
  • Gestational diabetes –When there is a rise in the blood glucose level in a female during pregnancy.

Since diabetes is a palliative disease, it cannot be cured but can be controlled by medicine and diet. In India, there is less than 50 percent medication adherence which threatens to be the contributor in increasing the number of diabetic people to 12.30 crore by 2040.

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Abhijit Ghosh is a Community Manager India of MyTherapy
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